Lindsay Lohan Plays Victim Card in Rehab Brawl; Dawn Holland Fired By Betty Ford

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Lindsay Lohan claims the Betty Ford staff member who alleges battery by the star "had it out for her" and was so abusive that she made Lohan cry.

Dawn Holland, who was just fired, says otherwise.

A chemical dependency technician, Holland says Lindsay attacked her physically and caused her to sprain her arm so severely she's on workers' comp.

Lindsay is telling her friends and family, when she returned to the house, Holland grabbed her abruptly and pushed her so hard, Lindsay began to cry.

Linds in Trouble

AS ALWAYS: Lindsay Lohan is the victim! [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Lohan also notes, for starters, that she wasn't even with her two roommates hours before the incident that triggered the staffer's battery allegation.

Lindsay says was out getting her hair done ... around midnight. That's obviously true. Wherever she was, she broke curfew and all hell broke loose.

Holland says Lohan refused to take a breathalyzer, whereas the troubled star says she actually asked Holland to give her a test but Holland refused.

That's when things got really heated.

Holland says in the heat of the argument, Lindsay "threw the phone ... I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a 'C**T B***H.'"

Holland says she told Lindsay, whose code name at the clinic is Bella G., "You know I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me."

"And she replied 'Oh, you just want money.'"

Lindsay Lohan claims there were not only witnesses that saw it, there are surveillance cameras to prove her story. Time will tell if that's the case.

Holland was fired, reportedly, not for the incident itself, but for commenting on this story to TMZ in exchange for money. That's another story.

For what it's worth, Dawn Holland was also embroiled in a bitter divorce last year. Her ex accused her of battery following allegations of cheating.

Dawn's husband claims she "lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion."

For her part, Dawn claims her hubby viciously attacked her on several occasions. Now divorced, she has a restraining order against her ex-husband.

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Will be interesting to see the outcome on this. I can't believe anyone, no matter how they allegedly acted in their personal life with their husband, would lay a hand on someone who is high profile and worth a lot of money. In other words, I don't believe Lindsay and wish Holland WOULD sue her.