Lady Gaga Sells Out, Puts on Pants in Paris

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Boo hoo. It's cold. So what.

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    So Lady Gaga is encouraged to dress as provocatively as possible...

    but if Miley Cyrus wears something provocative society has a moral panic and calls her a slut?


    hi..have to go to work tomorrow in iran... Fake diamond earings. Am not sure about my shoes....any ideas? Jaja


    i love you too lady gg cuz it takes reel gud smarts to ware clothes in new wayz n stuff u know? like the other day i wuz just walking around and thought u know itz kool i ware pants but what if i put em on my HEAD and then my friend wuz all like "awww yeah but you should put em on yer head AND wrap the legs in foil" and i was all like "NO WAY THATS KUH-RAZY!!!" and then my other friend wuz all like "and instead of pants u should wear a sweater on yer bottom haff and have shoes for earrings" and I wuz like "YEEEEEEEAH!"

    so thanks mama gg for showing me how 2 be an original and independent i really feel like im a creative force now and i know that wareing stuff is ware its at now so ill always ware stuff in kool wayz becuz putting stuff on yer body in diffrint wayz is the hite of genus and takes reel vishun.

    not evrybody can ware stuff on their parts n stuff ya know?



    well....this is kinda normal for lady gaga...compared to the meat dress or the hair dress the is not unusual


    lady Gaga you have the better ideas. it's so original to go out at snow just with pants. that's the reason because i love you my MOTHER MONSTER. Keep going with those ideas love you.

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