Lady Gaga Fashion Face-Off: No Pants Edition!

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Those Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors may be absurd, but she doesn't exactly shy away from them. Check out the suit she wore leaving a London hotel recently.

Wearing a masculine black suit with white dards and a plain white shirt underneath, this was some contrast from the half-naked Lady Gaga pictures we often see.

In fact, just this week, she showed some serious leg outside a pizza restaurant in Barcelona. Pants? Who needs 'em. Pantsuits? Who needs those either. Right?

What's Lady G's best look? Vote below!

Fashion Face-Off!

What's Lady Gaga's best look? Pant suit or no pants? Vote in our survey and tell us the extent to which you like or dislike pants! View Poll »


U need fashion police!!!!


Is everyone as sick of Lady Gaga as I am??????
It should be Lady Gag-Gag. She's frightingly ugly, stupid,
money greedy, make the money and get out and fade away Gag-Gag.


Chloe could not agree more! Mother Monster all the way!!


You two dont even no her for who she is but you call her ugly and what not , youz should fuck off and stop being so shallow we all no your jelous ! goooo lady gaga she is who she is and doesnt give a fuck what anyone thinks ! gotta love her shes got no shame !


She really is very ugly. It's not her fault I am just giving my opinion.


someone should just kill this wierd penis-endowed b*tch.

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