Kristen Stephenson-Pino Cries Out for Attention, Points Flirtatious Finger at Johnny Depp

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Star Magazine typically concocts quotes from made-up sources in order to create the appearance of a scandal.

In its latest issue, however, the tabloid actually cites a real person... while still creating the appearance of a scandal.

Model Kristen Stephenson-Pino, an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, tells the publication that Depp called her into his trailer on set and said: "You’re by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.' It was one-on-one. I was in there for a few hours."

Hunk in Spain

Did Depp, who has two kids with Vanessa Paradis, actually make a move? No. He simply offered up some alleged, playful, flirty banter.

“I was like, ‘I’ll take you and Orlando Bloom! That’s the only way you can get me,'” Stephenson-Pino said. “He starts laughing and goes, 'Honey, no, no no, I don't share with anybody. You either get me or me, and that's it.’"

Wow. What a total and complete scumbag, huh?


i know kristen she went to school with me. she is a very nice girl and i believe that her words were extremely twisted.


Oh give me a break.


so this is the girl claiming johnny took advances of her? oh cmonnn, where on earth you took your courage. Come home darling, come to mama, lets cook some for papa, please dont go astray, the world is young there is still tomorrow for you, hahaha!!


I don't believe that. Johnny Depp is a smart man, good actor.. I'm not pretty sure..but I'm sure enough that that's b.s.
Sometimes I can't tell if there really is a scandal or if these bitches are just trying to extort money.


So before she made this little story up, no one had ever heard of her. Now we're talking about her. Mission accomplished.


She's definitely gorgeous but I doubt depp tried anything with her, he's been w/ vanessa for a long time & still seems very happy.


As much as this chick deserves the attention that all she's going to get cuz Johnny loves his girl and family. He didn't do anything with Angie (THANK GOD!) so I don't think he will do anything with this one! This might be another golddiggin homewrecker who wants to get knocked up by some rich famous guy! We will see...


Just sounds like playful flirting to get through a long day on set!! I 4on't blame Johnny- she is absolutely stunning!


Johnny Peddy. As in Michael Jackson. Remember that when the story comes out.

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