Kourtney Kardashian Reveals SHOCKING Weight Loss Secrets, Tips!!!

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For the 79th time this year, a Kardashian sister graces the cover of a tabloid in a story about weight loss.

Admitting that she weighs a scant 95 pounds and continuing to send the message to young girls that you absolutely must shed any excess fat ASAP, Kourtney Kardashian gives an interview to OK! Weekly in which she doles out truly revolutionary advice.

What was her post-birth weight-loss secret?
"I try to make healthier choices.”

What are her vices?
"Oreo Double Stuffs, but I’ll have two instead of eating a box of them. And I love chips! I like Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles and [Scott Disick] always buys me the mini Hostess Donettes because I’m obsessed with them.”

Can she give the ignorant public any tips?
“Little meals throughout the day are realistic for people to follow. Try to get workouts in. It’s always so hard to start [a weight-loss plan] and get into it, but I think it’s a positive thing that everyone should try to do for themselves.”

Eat healthy, cut down on portions and work out. We hope you're writing all this down, people. It's incredibly insightful stuff, totally worth the money you'll spend on this magazine.


Eat fat salads, Drink lots of water. And incorporate THE GYM------beauty first


sorry, getting used to a new laptop is no excuse.
khloe should have said "why not?"
When I was in junior high school and just learning about these things girls and boys were separated in home ec. We we taught that marking the date on a calendar is exactly what is supposed to be done.--Not just should be done. This was stressed for health reasons, if they are irratic, to close, to far, etc. it may be something to bring upto a doctor. Of course, being late can mean p


i finally had to write unable to let the stupidity pass any longer. When Kourt asks Kim if she's pregnant and Kourt replies
"well, I'm not sure, I don't like, write these things down."
Kourtney stayed quiet and just suggested testing. one half point for her. But she should have said this:


Omg now ill be super skinny as her with these super awesome tips I never knew before. Thanks kourtney, you're a LIFESAVER!

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