Kim Kardashian with Kornrows: Awful or Awesome?

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This is what happens when you don't possess a shred of talent: you're forced to come up with desperate ways to remain in the news.

For Kim Kardashian, that often means changing up her hairstyle, even if it means simply donning a wig and asking fans what they think of the new look.

In her latest cry for attention, Kardashian got herself cornrowed. There are really now words to describe the style. Click on the following photos to enlarge each one, study the braids and then vote below...

Kim with Kornrows
  • Cornrowed!
  • New, Crazy Hairstyle
  • Looking Absurd
  • Krazy Kornrows
  • Awful Hairstyle

What do you think of Kim with cornrows?


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Yukky! What was she thinking?? Horrible look!


Add some beads and she looks like when Monica on Friends got the braids. WHITE WOMEN SHOULD NEVER GET BRAIDS!! Not even on vacation!


i don't like it and why she is trying to be black i don't understand white peolpe got to be black and black people try to be white why?


Ewww she looks hoodrat