Kim Kardashian with Kornrows: Awful or Awesome?

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This is what happens when you don't possess a shred of talent: you're forced to come up with desperate ways to remain in the news.

For Kim Kardashian, that often means changing up her hairstyle, even if it means simply donning a wig and asking fans what they think of the new look.

In her latest cry for attention, Kardashian got herself cornrowed. There are really now words to describe the style. Click on the following photos to enlarge each one, study the braids and then vote below...

Kim with Kornrows
New, Crazy Hairstyle
Looking Absurd
Krazy Kornrows
Awful Hairstyle

What do you think of Kim with cornrows?


Cornrows never look good on any of you!
That is all.
-sincerely, an honest, straight man.


creepy. she looks like a descendent of those ancient egyptians. with those fierce scary eyes.


you all need to lay off her! I think she looks gorgeous with the cornrows.


At least she isn't wearing all that God awful makeup she's usually seen in. As for her being so beautiful I don't see it, she's got an odd figure and she's not that attractive. Not ugly but seeing the real her with not much make up, she's kind of plain looking. People put her on a pedestal way too high, imo.


Wow, that was a nice lil rant! Feel better? All of that because the writer typo-ed "now" when meant "no"...I hate to see how you'd handle a fender-bender or a crying baby....


HER GYM BAG IS A BIRKIN? Really? Spend much, Kim?


Kim K. must need some publicity mighty bad to sit through the long torturous hours to get this look,which does not look anywhere near good on her. I find it hard to believe that she actually paid money to end up looking like this.


She's NO Bo Derek that's for sure! Yikes and very scary at best.


I guess it isn't enough to chase down black men and literally swallow them up, now she has to take the black hairstyles as well? ridiculous


"There are really now words to describe this style." Where did you guys find your writers? Probably, some over obsessed fake baked girl from Michigan State who squeaked by college, and wets herself when she sees some celebrity holding something that she has seen for sale at Target. The story is not even 100 words! Tell your writer to look up the proper usage of : and ; because in my opinion the writer was secretly writing about themselves. "This is what happens when you don't possess a shred of talent: you're forced to come up with desperate ways to remain in the news." Exactly, you were a failure intern for the LA TIMES and so it's come to this. Pathetic.

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