Kim Kardashian: Totally Tormenting Halle Berry!

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Look out, Halle Berry. Kim Kardashian is coming after your former lover...

... and current daughter!

Following confirmation that Kim is, indeed, dating Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, In Touch Weekly has taken the next logical step, running a cover story that claims these two are discussing marriage and supposedly quoting Kardashian as saying that she'll be a great stepmom to little Nahla.

We wouldn't chance it, Halle. Enter the tyke in witness protection ASAP!

Tormented by Kim!

Based on this cover, we have to ask: Who would you rather...


halle can not f...k and can not act, and that nut loser is gay that she had the kid with, both are crazy, she paid him for his sperm and now the the kid is mixed up ugly and autism. slow like the parents.


You go kim


That's what we call Karma for all the years Halle has lied to the public about the men in her...making them out to be demons when she too had her own issues.


it may be rushing a bit if these comments were made...however...there are people waiting with their breath find out if ms berry has her own skeletons that would embarass her daughter..possible associations with less than desirable people..and why she isn't looking into who could be possibly infringing on her celebrity license by using her voice without permission...why isn't she???


I hear Cheryl. HH is probably the one who posted the bogus item. Don't think they're dating. KK has been in NYC more over the last 2-3 weeks since their two dates. Getting married please, they're both gold diggers and Gabe's gay/bi. He doesn't have that kind of money she's accustomed to. Fred Halle had in-vitro. He had no trouble calling Halle to send her assistant to pick him up from him totaling his Benz. Don't think Halle could care less who her gay broke (regardless of what his gay manager says he makes)paid sperm KK didn't say yay or nay, she just said she was keeping things private and having fun.


Obviously, by the amount of ARTICLES you've wrote on her, she's keeping you in a job. Seems to me you (whomever you are that wrote all of these articles on Kim, can't seem to find your NAME anywhere on any of them, are quite a hater of someone who, no matter how UNTALENTED you claim she is, KEEPS YOU IN A JOB!! Don't hate the player pal, hate the game.


oh HELL NO! Kardashian has NO;ZERO;ZIP;ZILCH,NADA business hanging around Nahla Aubry. Kardashian is nothing but a porn star and Halle had trouble conceiving Nahla. I would personally pin Kim down so that Halle can whoop that porn star's arse!

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