Kim Kardashian: Totally Tormenting Halle Berry!

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Look out, Halle Berry. Kim Kardashian is coming after your former lover...

... and current daughter!

Following confirmation that Kim is, indeed, dating Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, In Touch Weekly has taken the next logical step, running a cover story that claims these two are discussing marriage and supposedly quoting Kardashian as saying that she'll be a great stepmom to little Nahla.

We wouldn't chance it, Halle. Enter the tyke in witness protection ASAP!

Tormented by Kim!

Based on this cover, we have to ask: Who would you rather...

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I am so fuckin SICKKKKK of Kim kardashian and her nasty ,money hungry mom!!!!! what is it Kim??? you are getting so desperate,that no decent man would marry ur ugly,stinky whore ass,now you trying to grab somebody's ex husband and a father??? and u gonna be a stepmom?? ahhahahah bitch please,even ur sister accused u of how all u want is a fuckin publicity and money!!!! she would hold her nephew only when cameras around,Kourtney said,that she rarely gets any help from Kim,when cameras not around!! kim is horrible creature,with no feelings,she is ugly,full of surgeries,nasty!!! wake up people,she is pollution to our society!
Halle Berry is talented,beautiful woman,Kim can only lick her feet!


ok.. sigh.. halle doen't care - remember she left him... so who he dates is of no concern to her... and while she looks at her oscar, and her many accomplishments hanging on her wall of life, kim cannot compare - even tho i likt the girl she's like the 20% tyler perry talks about... halle is a full hundred... so lets not say bad things about the kid...she has nothing to do with this mess either.. id gabriel wants to date - then let him - what does halle people are so silly...


Halle has some nerve calling Kim a pornstar, when it was clearly a private video that was leaked, not by Kim btw. Halle however made a fully nude, leave nothing to the imagination, movie for the masses and even earned an Oscar for it. "So mommy what did you earn an Oscar for?" The other side of this coin is that Gabriel is the father and he should have just as much right to have his daughter around his mates as Halle does.


Kim Kardarshian is wounderful and lovely lady.


What I don't understand is that KIM KARDASHIAN keeps LYING to the public.. about her plastic surgery..does she think that we are stupid???.. I feel insulted.. like we can't see pictures from when she first came out.. people see her as a liar & as a phony.. they just stop liking you when you keep lying over & over again about being a "NATURAL BEAUTY".. yeah right.. I believe you,, sure.. Just say what you had done everybody does.. come clean.. so KIM WHY don't you???


How dumb.... who cares..??


Doubt all of this, the US article, the crap on BlindGossip are real. Halle couldn't careless who her ex partner/baby daddy may or not be dating. He and Kim getting married, yeah right after a couple of dates. Sure he got a little more press time, big whoop. I doubt they'll be an item for very long. Remember Kim's dead father was one of the many sleazy lawyers who defended OJ in his trial and carried the bag of bloody clothes for him.


Really? I doubt Halle cares. Every inch of Kim from her buttocks to chest and face is filled with plastic. Halle is the real deal. Naturally beautifullly and talented. Go for it Kim. Go girl go before the plastic melts.


Karma for Halle I dont think so. Halle is beautiful classy and talented. She did not have to rely on a porn tape to make a living posing on red carpets. Kim will never get married men just love to sex her std infested cooch, piss on her & leave. Just ask Damon Thomas, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Fabolous, Evan Ross, The dream, Diddy, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Kanye West, The Game, Terrance Howard, Ray J - i'm sure ive missed many many more Kim but her ur sexual history will take years to fully list.


Lol they have been on 2 dates but are discussing marriage these gossip magazines love to print bull sh*t. There is no way Halle Berry would let her daughter any where near the whoredashians. Kim will be teaching that poor little child how to suck d!ck and get peed on by famous men to make a name for herself. I think even Gabriel as desperate as he is would never let his child near that disgusting family.

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