Kim Kardashian All Over Kris Humphries, Justin Bieber

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Kim Kardashian went boy crazy in New York City last night.

First, she hung out with Justin Bieber at Z100's Jingle Ball, taking in the singer's impressive set and posing flirtatiously with him backstage. Try not to hurl anything at your computer screens when viewing this photo, Bieberites...

Skin Tight Skirt

Then, Kim met up with New Jersey Nets basketball player and rumored new lover Kris Humphries. The pair parties Provocateur Lounge until 1:45 a.m.

At the aforementioned concert, Kim told Us Weekly she wants to date someone "with a good heart." And, hey if that someone can also get her first-row seats at nationally-televised sporting events, she'll take that perk, too.


Basically i think dere both realii nice ppl nd dey just want 2 flirt nd joke around but the public nd the fans think dere actually dating. As, kim seems lyk a sweet girl nd wuldnt date a 16 year old teen its just a jk dat ppl take 2 seriously


selena is a cute little girl, but kim is a hot WOMAN! get a life haterrrrrssss! So what if she has a big butttt! Do you? She has tons of $$$! Do you? She's super hot! R u? NNNNOOO! SO SHUT UP!


Kim I really like ur style and person but I think you should quit the cougar buisness and date men of your age and not those you are older than date men who would inspire u to aspire and not expire love U kim


If i were say dis gal is hot bt she's nt young star singer justin biebier type


Oh yeah kim is hottttttt haters get a life.


Kim needs to get out of the spotlight and go to college to get an education. She is a child and will drive any smart, decent man crazy with her me, me, me lifestyle. She is a phony and will age poorly and will end up with the ass of a bus driver thanks to genetics and gravity


Kim is a self-obsessed twit who spends the majority of her day looking in the mirror. With her overly made-up face and ultra high-maintainence behavior, she will never become a real person. Because she is so immature herself, she dates boys younger than herself rather than men who could actually challenge her to grow up and stop being a selfish spoiled brat.


Selena gomez she's very pretty n naturel kim look scary with her ugly plastic ass face everything about her is fake....she's a filthy wh*re sl*t!


Kim is hotter then Selena if you like plastic and Scanless my opinion Selena is very pretty and natural oh yeah and everything kim is not...whats the word..oh yea "CLASSY"


Kim is much hotter than selena gomez selena is anorexic

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