Khloe Kardashian Compares TSA Screenings to Rape

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Consider Khloe Kardashian among those who believe new TSA screening procedures are far too invasive.

The reality star isn't alone in that opinion, but she may have taken her opinion too far during an interview with George Lopez last night.

"They are just basically just raping you in public," she says in the following video. "The people are so aggressive... they say, 'OK, I'm going to be patting you down and I'm going to be touching the crease of your ass.' That is so inappropriate!"

Of course, no Kardashian interview could ever take place without the topic turning to vaginas.

In this case, Khloé shared a story about how Kourtney once compared post-childbirth sex to having "a metal pipe shoved up you." We'll try to ignore that and instead ask readers to focus on the first statement posted above:

Did Khloe go too far in her comparison?


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I agree with the mudshark .The TSA should not be molesting Shrek and his young fans.


Holy crap!!! Out of all the stupidiest shit you or your family had said, this was by far the worst!! Shut the fuck up cuz you have no clue!! Your whole fucking family needs to go away and leave reality to the rest of us normal people~THANKS!!


i didnt know shrek was on george lopez last night????


KARDASHIAN FAMILY VACATION-with special guest star...Shannon Tweed.


wow, what a friggin moron and a lame attempt at being funny.why doesnt she stick to what she and booze?