Kendra Wilkinson Hits a New Low

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In her never-ending quest for publicity, Kendra Wilkinson has hit a new low.

It's one thing for this reality star to make inane comments, such as insisting that moms can be sexy. Or to mislead the public about relatively harmless facts, such as a second pregnancy.

Wedding Cleavage

But in the latest issue of OK! Weekly, Kendra implies that she's recently suffered a miscarriage... when nothing could be further from the truth.

A miscarriage of morality: Kendra Wilkinson is pathetic.

What is the "TRAGIC NEWS" that makes Kendra a worthy individual to cover? Her son is spending some time with father Hank Baskett in Minnesota. Seriously. That's the extent of this story.

“Life has changed now,” Kendra tells the magazine. “It gets so lonely.”

We have a crazy idea in that case, Kendra: move to Minnesota! You're only remaining in Los Angeles to film your reality series and give it material to use for storylines.

People really need to stop buying these tabloids and watching this show. Wilkinson needs to go away.


pls when you leave a comment,pls proof read it,someone can,t write proper english language yet they open their big mouths and insult celebs that they Would worship if they come face to face with them As for kendra,I love her,leave her alone,plsssss.


Whoever wrote this text should leave Kendra alone. What's ur spite? She is cool and judging from the comments above, the. Majority agree with me.


kendra is a little selfish like all normal people tend to be but she has a good heart. A few more years and maturity concerning family issues will set in. I just hope Hank isn't hurt in all of this. He's such a sweet person.


wow you really don't like her do you. i think she's fantastic and very real.


And hey! How would Hollywood Gossip know she didn't have a miscarriage? These things are often so small as to occur when one is alone in a bathroom. Do they follow here there each and every time she uses one???


Geez Lanny, is vapid your new word of the day???


I generally hate reality tv, and before the show, I didn't much like Kendra, but I have come to like her now because of her candor and honesty through this show. I say, get off her back. She's a great mom and a good wife. With her past, both surprise me, but I give her kudos for it.


I think Kendra is panic stricken about money. She's afraid Hank
can't make enough for the home she wants and luxuries she wants
so the only thing she knows how to do is sex. I don't think she likes it but she's in a catch 22 she feels like. After having baby Hank her belly has changed; not gone down no matter how much
excerising she does. She is VERY bummed out over that. Hank
wants another child; she doesn't. Her life isn't what she wants it to be and she feels stuck. She doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think she wants to quit work and let Hank take care of it and have a nice mansion with all the trimings. Remember her walking in the rain crying after Hank lost the game? She realised SHE would have to carry the load and Hank was job hunting. She's so fake; look at her smile. It's time she
is off TV. Hank and Kendra need a long serious talk! (probably with counseling)


You haters need to chill out. I love Kendra. I know she is crazy and silly but she is cute and fun and caring and she LOVES her child. Thats more than I can say for a lot of people. I think she is still sexy. I dont agree that mom's should be "sexy" like she wants to be. I dont think she should still be posing naked. I mean one day your kid is gonna grow up and see them. Not cool. Thats pretty irresponsible. If that's how she knows to get money tho that's what she is gonna do. It takes all kinds. Kendra is fierce. Hank is a sweetheart. They will be ok. Dont hate on them. Pray for them.


To all those who think kendra is using Hank for money,she has more money than he does!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes he plays football but unless your a good player and have a fulltime paycheck you dont make all that much.I cant see a player earning to much money being a free agent all the time.He seems like a wonderful man,and if only he could be picked up for that alone,So i think he depends on her more than the other way around.


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