Kelly Osbourne to Miley Cyrus Haters: Back Off!

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Miley Cyrus may have her detractors - from Bill O'Reilly to yours truly - but there's one person on whom the troubled star can count: Kelly Osbourne.

On location in New Orleans these days, filming So Undercover with the salvia-loving actress, Osbourne has a message for critics of Cyrus: back off!

"Miley and I have become really close," Osbourne Tweeted last night. "I'm sick of all the haters judging her."

Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus

Kelly Osbourne is securely on Team Miley. Are you?

Hey, in defense of "haters," they wouldn't be living up to their label if they weren't critical, would they?

Alluding to the infamous bong video, Osbourne defends her pal by calling it "one mistake," adding:

"Trust me she has learned her lesson! This really makes me mad. Miley is one of the most hard working respectful women I have ever worked with I am learning a lot from her!"


ohh YOU SHUT UP SETHYA!!! im very sorry for you :( you said you haters will not hate miley if she doing right? mmmhhh you think you've done everything right? do not pretend to be a holy girl! do you think you never make a mistake? Dont judge someone you dont even know that someone! Im not a fan of miley and I'm not forcing you to like her either, but have you ever think that she has her personal life too which some people maight be dont understand about her and her life because they dont know her! grow up!


so what we think what she does aint unusual. people is just making a big fuss cuz shes famous. did she do anything illegal? everything she does is legal,it didnt break any law so y people cant get over it. y dont u haters go pick on someone who is actully doing something illegal? Miley ROCKS 4EVER!!


i bet you all try it thats right she works hard for her money and you people are so rude get a lest she can act and sing what can you do but bitch at her wow look in your own back yard.maybe you all need to get jobs so you won't be bored lol


Ok all you little brats. You should be doing your homework. Now turn that damn thing OFF!!! And stop usingthe F-word!!! Damn Hannah Montana. I hate her guts and that Billy Ray Sinus too. Good Night. (Where's my teeth)


Holy moly - the haters are now hating the hater haters. If a hater hated a hater hater, would they really be hating themselves? Go ahead... I'll give you a minute :)


I think Miley has made a horrible mistake! disney should be immberessed of her! she pole dances and smokes bongs!


haters dont stand for what is right, that is so fucking bs, to tell the truth, im not surprised she has haters considering every dam celeb has them, either if their doing something right or something wrong. So she smoked for the first time, so what, just as long as she dont keep doing it, i really dont care


Just to let you all know ,, we haters of miley, stand up for what is right .. Hellooooooo, we're not gonna hate if we know that what she's doing is right, .


What do you mean We're not making something For our lives .. We're hating someone that should be hated , aren't we!!? .. You better just hush up!


SHUT UP MEL & VANI, BARNEY (WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS) !!! At least us haters, we know how to define good from wrong , unlike you obsessed bitches,, because she influenced you so much the only thing on your mind is "we love you Miley & we're gonna support you no matter what" , Oh please! That's bullshit..what she's doing is wrong ! Open your eyes!

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