Kelly Osbourne to Miley Cyrus Haters: Back Off!

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Miley Cyrus may have her detractors - from Bill O'Reilly to yours truly - but there's one person on whom the troubled star can count: Kelly Osbourne.

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    I've been a Miley fan for quite some time now but I like the old Miley a lot better, back when she was Hannah Montana.


    You guys do realize- this is the Internet!!! Stop the cussing or fighting! Even though we have freedom of speech, an police officer said typing it down (like most of y'all did) is cyberbullying and that's against the law. I don't want to be a goody goody. I'm just warning you. Personally, I don't see much of a difference between a Miley hater and a Miley lover, the both obsess about her. Other than one loves her, the other hates her. Right? But really guys, people have different opinions which includes different styles of music. If you don't like Miley Cyrus or if you do like her why fight? People have different opinions and it doesn't make you look any better. Truth is, music taste is an opinion not a fact so there's not a correct answer. For both sides: this doesn't mean you can curse, complain, argue, and be mean about it. Miley is just a person, like you and me. So please stop arguing because it's really pointless.


    So good to be back .. And to vani! Barney! , whatever your name is ... I almost forgot about you ,cause you're really forgettable .. Your fucking words never marks and sink in so ... WHATEVER MILEY SUCK CYRUS OBSESSED FAN! Oh and ,I bet you just got your Spanish words out of the Internet .. Yea, you probably did you SHOW OFF BITCH! Just go sell bongs and be a bad influence .. Let's see what you will become in 20 years .. Living in a shoe box with your 20 children!? , or simply just a slut? ,I wouldn't be surprised anyway ! ! !


    U people need to stop hating on miley u just talking shit because u wish u could have her life u pendejas


    Ti adoro MILEY!! E fanculo a chi parla male di te!!


    and who the fuck are you ??? im not an inmigrant, just for you to know and im not in a box car...but whatever, nobody wrote to you so you can BACK OFF !!! this is not of your business and my grammar is way better than yours fucker.


    @vani, shut the fuck up you illegal immigrant! Are you posting from a box car? And stop trying to correct someone on their spelling, your grammar is terrible. Selena is dead, get over it and go back to mowing my lawn.


    I am praying for Miley. She is no longer a good example for teens and pre-teens. Miley needs to re-evaluate her life and do what is right and not let herself go the route that Lohan and others have gone. There is nothing wrong with good moral values girls.


    i agree with you miles ..


    I'm really glad that Kelly O. defends her so much!! That's really nice to see, they are both nice girls with an amazing personality! i agree with @RobinB ; i feel the same way.
    Miley is still the same person, just with a new style. And us fans LOVES it!
    Love you Miley ♥

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