Kelly Osbourne Makes Like Miley Cyrus

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Kelly Osbourne isn't just defending Miley Cyrus from all haters. She's dressing up like this controversial actress!

While Cyrus continues to face the repercussions of her salvia-smoking, her So Undercover co-star continues to show Miley nothing but support. Via Twitter last night, Osbourne posted the following photo:

Red Carpet Look

Kelly captioned this pic with "I'm just being Miley!"

Osbourne, of course, knows all about troubled life in the spotlight. She has entered rehab on three separate occasions for an addiction to painkillers. She was also arrested for assault in August 2008.

Since then, the former reality star has turned her life around, losing a chunk of weight, becoming active in the GLBT community and making it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Now, as evidenced by her pose above, Kelly wants just one thing when it comes to Miley and her critics:


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@RobinB: I'm sorry but are you like 12 or something? If not I'm kinda embarrassed of myself for even responding to your comments that don't even make sense. First off i never said it was easy being in hollywood and if people hate her now oh well that's her own doing. No, she's not hannah montana I'm not blind nor stupid. And you're dumb if you think "oh the kids will learn later on in life" yeeeeah that's why right after that video of her smoking salvia it was flying off the shelves. Hmm she hasn't done anything really after she quit with disney so idk where you're getting she got tons and tons of more fans from. And I can comment on anything I want because guess what...I CAN :D hahaha OBVIOUSLY you have selective reading and just picked apart what you thought you can make an good jab at me with trying to defend her but failed. But I know that arguing with a miley cyrus fan is like talking to a brick wall so ill let you have you're rants and raves about how awesome she is.


Miley have many more fans then before, she is more then capeable to do what she wanna do . She dosnt have to be Hanna Monthana for her rest of her life. She decide herself, and she is 18 , she is more then eligible to do what she wanna do. The kids will understand later when they grow up themself. Miley is not their mother, she is a star for singing and disney, not their girlfriend. So please, let her decide what to do and dont come up with stupid comment to heer.


lovebites, she never meant to be hated. She only do the thing she like, but ppl complain about it all the time, you think its easy to be a star lovebites, but try be one, and try do what you self say what hanna should. Go try..


Gaaaaaay! Mileys old enough to defend herself. If she wants to be treated like an adult she needs to own up to her actions and not pretend like it'll all go away cause it wont. Yes, regular non-celebritys smoke either for experimentation or for regular use. NOT ALL of them do but mileys not a normal teen. She has a fanbase of little kids and she's in the public eye 24/7. She shouldn't leave the world/her fans in the dark about what her statement is. As for kelly...since she went through all that stuff she should know how the game is played in hollywood. But then again she wasn't ever a tween product shoved down our throats by disney and never really had dedicated fans who looked up to her because she's not really a celebrity, she's a spawn of one.