Kelly Osbourne Makes Like Miley Cyrus

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Kelly Osbourne isn't just defending Miley Cyrus from all haters. She's dressing up like this controversial actress!

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    Hey do not say that 2 miley! U DONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS GOING THROUGH!


    @WTF? .. what YOU need to do is get MY cock out YOUR mouth! thanks.


    yhen um i love i mean LOVE the outfit on miley right isnt it cute?!


    i am a really big fan of both miley and hannah but @ least jurt GIVE HER A BREAK!! She has been through enough already! Both of her parents both have moved away the house is getting sold sooner or later her dad is going back 2 tennesse her mom is moving 2 a different house(still in california) her mom had just cheated on her dad and i am 4 sure that he was very hurt. Thier is just so many things going on in her life. I mean idt(i dont think) what she did in that bong vid was right! Hey!I am 13 going on 14. She is 18! She can legally do that and it`s legal in California! Miley if ur reading this i support ya no matter what :-) ;-) :-D :-P :-O C yall later! Bye!


    Do all Miley fans respond in Ebonics? All you little whitegirls need to take the black cocks out of your mouth and start talking like you do at your parents country club.


    Someone needs to tell kelly she does not look cute wearing that rachett ass miley wig, leave miley to miley PLEASE.


    @Jody: Geeze, use real words like a big girl... 'cmon, I know you can do it!


    miley can survive without hannah montana. she knows her fans will be supporting her all the way. those who arent werent her real fans at all. maby when some of her 10 years old fans grow up they will know what miley is feeling. miley rocks 4ever!!


    Oh jeeeez - The haters & hater haters are back for Round 2. Will we break yesterday's Miley comment count of 30? @ RobinB - Please calm down. Don't do anything stupid. It is clear from yesteday that you are the biggest Miley fan around. Even from Norway. It's just a few people having some fun and Miley knows that. I told her and she's cool. :)


    4 all da miley cyrus haters,there are a million more ppl that love ya...u guys arnt real fans if url dislike her cos of dis..grow up itz nt lyk shez a drug dealer lol mst of url hav done worse n url acting innocent...and as 4 da young fans..mileyz grown,url needa watch disney and look 4 a new role model,she cant b a kid all her lyf..shez grown...miley keep on rockn ur true fans wil neva judge u,u jst growin up dats al...oxoxoxox.

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