Katy Perry is Not Shy

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married a few months ago, but the honeymoon is just beginning. Let's just say she keeps things interesting.

The 26-year-old "I Kissed a Girl" singer tells Grazia that like her music videos and live performances, she isn't exactly shy when it comes to ... well ...

Mr. and Mrs. Brand

"I have secrets and magic tricks, of course. I can't share them because then you'd all know," Perry says. "But let's just say I call all the shots."

MRS. BRAND: Katy also rates herself a 10 out of 10. Just saying.

Candor is something we love about her, and the newlywed admits that despite how it may appear, her marriage to Brand is far from perfect.

"We're both busy, but [my career] is a huge part of my life," Perry says. "There are weekends for Russ and weekends for work, and friends."

"Neither of us ever wants to lose ourself or the other in fame."

Perry tells the magazine that she "absolutely" plans to have "lots of children" with Brand in the future, but for now it's all about each other.

"Every day he amazes me," she gushes of her zany, awesome husband. "He makes me laugh like no one else. We are a perfect match."


True, she is not shy. It is also true, imo, that she is not talented. Flash in the pan. Both of them.


Very nice randyjacksonsbutt!! Your right about the divorce in three months. Let's have a bet going!! I give them 6 months and that's being nice!!


So sick of hearing about her sex life. Doesn't she have anything else to talk about?!


Dear Katy Perry, I am somewhat skeptical in regards to you being a 10 in bed and would like you to prove it to me. PS - Come on, you will be divorced in three months anyway, why not?


Well this isn't shocking is it??!! She already said before they were married that she was great in bed and that he has no complaints. But this is alittle T.M.I. it's like she is bragging. If you're that good than their is no need to brag and your man doesn't have to look elsewhere.


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