Kate Gosselin Drops Big Buck$ on Mediocre Haircut

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Kate Gosselin spends money like it's going out of style.

That's not unusual for a famous person, of course. Or for an American in general. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing. But when you've got eight mouths to feed and you're feeding those mouths moldy sandwiches, your priorities are suspect.

That said, check out Kate's $950 haircut!!!!!!!

Kate Gosselin's New Haircut

Kate Gosselin sure looks ... gopd? It's hard for us to say.

The angular, shag-style cut comes courtesy of celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson (who's worked with Angelina Jolie and other stars) and colorist Jason Backe.

On a side note, the tanning-salon devotee also sported an oddly striking orange, non-seasonal skin tone. She is now the Snooki of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Gibson says of his famous client, "She loves her new look, and it's so much fun to work with her!" With that kind of hourly rate, that's not a huge shock.


Kate has become a disgusting, self-centered maniac. She acted so embarrassing on sarah palins show, it was hard to watch, much less believe that a grown woman would cry and moan because she was hungry. She can spend all her money trying to make herself look better, but it is only skin deep and certainly does not help all the ugliness inside her. I feel for the poor children to have to be raised by her. She does not put their feelings first in anything and only uses them to make more money. Does she seriously think any man would want to become involved with her on a permanent basis? Why would he, so all the makeovers in the world are not going to get her true love and a good heart. Pray for those poor children.


I remember when she was married and john forgot to use a coupon and she made him return the item and purchase it with the coupon and now shes getting thousand dollar hair cuts? I cant stand her anymore! I also saw on her show when they were in alaska she had went to the store to buy warm clothes and boots she made the comment "oh my this is the first time that I havent wore hills in my whole life" I thought
that was funny cuz she really forgot where she came from because a few yrs ago john took her to get a makeover and they had gotten her pair of hills and she could barely walk in them, she really went down hill fast. She makes me sick!


I can't stand this piece of worthless meat. A miserable Mom who uses her kids as a cash cow, plus her personality is toxic. Saw her in Kleinflelds with her diva attitude and the way she treated staff was shameful. She's not even a good nurse.


I used to just wish she would go back to the suburbs, get a job as a nurse and use her profits from the show to support her kids in an ordinary life. Now I just can't STAND her and hope the kids end up with their dad. He went crazy for a minute, but I think he was a good, goofy, fun guy. And after living with Mommy Dearest they could stand a little laid back parenting. Then she could pursue her dreams of fame and fortune. And find out NO ONE wants a SHREW like her.


.....after staring for 5 mins i still think people could get that hair cut less than $50...


REALLY! This makes me sick! How can ppl continue to support this witch? Everyone is really falling for her sob stories on talk shows that she's going broke....No wonder if it's true. This was a total mistake on her part to advertise this new hair do...I wont be surprised if more fans turn away due to her spending slurge yet again. Her hair looks the same, and it's extensions not her real hair...that money could've gone to pay for her kids needs. Please ppl, help get her ass booted from TLC by not supporting her show!!!Enough is enough already!


Unbelieveable !!! Why do they think this woman is special? She is a free loader and a joke. She should be ashamed of herself for spending that kind of money on a hair cut when you have so many little mouths to feed. Grow up and quit playing the pity trip. This is not entertainment
Maybe she should learn how to catca fish so she can feed her children. Instead of acting like a tramp


Did I join Peter Pan, or Michael Jackson, in LALA land when I somehow goofed and got this site. Truely, are people like this for real. They actualy exist. No talent or skills, other than having babies and being married, now divorced !! MY GOD, I am a CELEB where are the camera's???? What pure pukes of putrified over used television trash is this ? ByE site of tripe


She got robbed, for $50.00 more,she could have paid for a style that might have looked like something.


Way to much money for a haircut. I can think of so many other things to spend that amount on. Like the kids for instance.

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