Kate Gosselin Loses It on Sarah Palin's Alaska

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Kate Gosselin likes expensive haircuts. Camping? Nnnyeah not so much.

On Sunday's crossover episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC, Kate - no stranger to grating diatribes and being annoying in general - was in rare form.

"I'm miserable," Gosselin whined. "It's killing me that people willingly do this. I just don't get the concept. Why would you pretend to be homeless?"

If she keeps up her diva-like spending, she may not have to pretend anymore. Watch her mini-meltdown on the moose-killer's reality show here ...

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Oh, and I tried to send her an email to tell her all this, and she's changed her email addy. It's now no longer anywhere online that any of us could find. The only way we could find to contact her was through TLC PR. Remember when she and Jon use to sit around with laptops and answer fan mail. Well, I guess she doesn't care about fans anymore.


Sad thing was, Piper Palin was a huge fan. She had her hair done and was wearing her favorite clothing to greet the Gosselins. Then when they left, she wouldn't even walk them to the plane. What a telling sign when a child Piper's age can see through the insane fakeness that is Kate Gosselin.


I stuck up for her for years, but no more. The Palins welcomed her warmly, and she behaved like a spoiled child and not only slapped their hands back in their faces, she mocked their life choices which are far better than hers, and she didn't consider the fun and education her children were having. Then at the end when she wanted to leave and the children were ignoring her, she said something like "Are you Gosselins or Palins? If you're Gosselins, come with me; if you're Palins, stay here." WTH!!! Is that any way to talk to children you supposedly love? I see now that Kate loves no one more than she loves herself, and that includes her kids. She's a selfish insane witch, and the children need to live away from her. They shouldn't go to Jon either, cause he has the morals of an alley cat. So what could he teach them? How to put them aside for other women??? The Commonwealth needs to step in and take these kids. PERIOD!!!


Kate was beyond rude to the Palins and unfeeling towards her children. I love Sarah Palins Alaska and Sarah and her family, they were totally gracious to a very rude spoiled person. it would have went much better with Jon there instead, he would have loved it and made sure the kids could stay the night.


Hahahaha. What a whine ass!!!!!


Is Kate bi-polar or perhaps low blood sugar? She is such a complainer--those poor kids.


I don't know what to say...this woman...unbelievable.......her poor kids have to be raised with her for a mom???? Oh so sad. 8 kids.....I feel so sad for them.


the kids were having fun so she has to make it about her,a real diva. really rude and whinny. no wonder her children have problems with attitude they have two horrendous examples to follow


BirdGirl, you are quite the idiot.


You guys don;t get it, she is doing all of this trying to nail her bodyguard. Why else would she climb up on a roof, with a mini skirt with allthose guys around. Icouldn;t believe she acted the way she did in Alaska,this is the same b---- that says everything she does is for her kids. She did the same thing there she has always done, lay back and let someone else take care of her kids, I have said right from the beginning Jon is a better Father than she is a mother.

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