Kate Gosselin Loses It on Sarah Palin's Alaska

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Kate Gosselin likes expensive haircuts. Camping? Nnnyeah not so much.

On Sunday's crossover episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC, Kate - no stranger to grating diatribes and being annoying in general - was in rare form.

"I'm miserable," Gosselin whined. "It's killing me that people willingly do this. I just don't get the concept. Why would you pretend to be homeless?"

If she keeps up her diva-like spending, she may not have to pretend anymore. Watch her mini-meltdown on the moose-killer's reality show here ...

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I agree with all the posts about Kate, but obviously Sarah Palin is just as nuts and insane. birdgirl is dead on about the crazy Palin Lady. Seriously? You though she could run the country? Kate might just do a bette job than Palin would have.


"Jon has always shown love for those kids and they are always delighted when with him." Love for ones children doesn't consist of cheating on and lying to their other parent. He should have come clean with Kate FIRST, then left and found someone new.


Why do some people think Jon was a bad parent??? So he has girlfriends...that's what people do...Jon has always shown love for those kids and they are always delighted when with him. People choose the lesser of two evils...he is the much better parent!!


Wow Badgirl...what were u watching????? Or what r u smoking. You must be as dumb as Kate herself lol. Your a riot. Did you write this to intentionally piss people off?? I can't believe you r this stupid.


I truly hope when Kate goes back and watches this episode that she feels embarrassed for the way she acted. It's a shame no one taught her any different. And that's all I really wanna say about this, cause I could go on for a long time on how much of an ungrateful and rude bitch she was on this show. I'll never watch anything else she's ever in, not that I've ever seen her show with her 5000 kids, but never will I attempt to start.


Besides being rude and self-centred, and a coercive manipulative mother, Kate is just plain stupid. Didn't she realize that the best way to keep warm is to keep moving and active by participating in the activities going on around her? Of course she's going to get cold standing stock-still! Jeez, even the simplest person can figure that out! What a babyish whiny spoilsport she is! She's about one of the most obnoxious individuals I've ever had the misfortune to become aware of.


Trailer Trash from PA meets Hillbilly from AK. I love it!


take a good look at kate goslin....that is whats wrong with america! she is more worthless than....well i guess even dirt has its uses!


I absolutely understand why her children act spoiled. She has to be the worst mother i can imagine like what the hell. She thinks she has the right to act like this ?? shes nothing absolutely nothing! What a loser. I mean her frigging kids acted better then she did. If i was Sarah i would have told her to take her pampered A$$ AND GO HOME. Just a reminder without TLC she would be broke and on assistance and we be supporting her. Koo dos to Sarah and her family for putting up with that. Its pretty bad that shes fa mouse off her kids and another point no one watches her show for her they watch it for the adorable kids and i only hope they don't take after their mother. Sarah's show on the other hand blows kates out of the water by far. I would rather watch a real women then one that's plastic and full of crap.


Kate ..Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you. HONESTLY you were worse than a 2 year old. I feel sorry for Sarah having to put up with your ass.

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