Kanye West Releases Official "Monster" Video: Watch, React Now!

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For his latest music video, Kanye West receives a little help from his friends. Fortunately, Kim Kardashian isn't one of them.

Directed by Jake Nava, the video for "Monster" features Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Vernon. Says Ross of the female rapper's role in the following single:

“That was the day Nicki Minaj earned my respect as a lyricist. Before that day she was a great entertainer, but for me to get in the studio with my own two eyes and see her write her verse, I knew that was gonna be one of the greatest verses of this year.”

What do you think of this single/video?

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okay okay i think this song is a piece of shit i mean what is up with that bling in hes mouth and nicki is sooo kool in this one and love the boots anyways i think this a fucking messed up song


I liked the video especiall nicki minaj's part it looked more like a lady gaga video it was too theatrical nd didnt relly go w. the song


OMG the Roman Zolanki/Barbie part was a dun so killer!! Nicki Minaj killed this song!!


yes agreed..he does need help..he is trying way hard...after all the bullshit he pulled...and wtf is that bling in his mouth..i guess when you got all the money in the world you can do whatever you want right...he is more than likely trying to tell people yeah so what if im a monster ...im an asshole to women and treat them like shit no mater what...and look at you , you just figured it out..he pretty much laughs at all the people that likes him telling them YES HE IS THE MONSTER that all people talk about..
i personally think he needs lots of help no offence to others


ummm i liked nicki's part....


I think Jennifer Miller is a Cunt. And should stick to the issue at hand - this video is by Kanye West and it rocks hard.


I think Kanye needs help. This video looks like the movie "Demon Hunter". Is he trying to talk about Lady Gaga by calling this monster.