Kanye West Releases Official "Monster" Video: Watch, React Now!

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For his latest music video, Kanye West receives a little help from his friends. Fortunately, Kim Kardashian isn't one of them.

Directed by Jake Nava, the video for "Monster" features Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Vernon. Says Ross of the female rapper's role in the following single:

“That was the day Nicki Minaj earned my respect as a lyricist. Before that day she was a great entertainer, but for me to get in the studio with my own two eyes and see her write her verse, I knew that was gonna be one of the greatest verses of this year.”

What do you think of this single/video?

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This is such an amazing video! Its obviously like this to make people talk about it and for it to grow. I have to say though, Nicki Minaj makes this track..with out her i think i'd be bored of it. And as for the people talking about the dead models.. it isn't real so no need to get all heated about it!


these comments are dumb and another excuse for Hip Hop and Kanye haters to talk shit about shit they dont understand. Fist of all "Monster" is a phrase in the black community like "beast" or "a problem" meaning their skills are basically un challengable. Who ever said kanye and rick ross are shitty rappers has never listen to their music, if your saying Jay is wack your opinion is officaly invald. and if you cant respect nicki minaj's verse, which is one of the hardest verses of 2010 your really fooling yourself. Also Kanye had them teeth for mad long, aand he's def not the first rapper to do so like wtf, why are you people so insecure about your own failures that you have to critise gis success. Get over yourselves!


@ Israel That was the dumbest comment ever. But back to the music, in my opinion I think Kanye here isn't talking about race at all. I think the music's lyrics (and Runaways's lyrics as well) symbolize the fact that Kanye is tired of being called all of these things (a monster, a scumbag, an asshole, etc.) and wants to address the stereotypes, like he always does. The video however just depicts Monsters in general. Now, I'm not saying Kanye is a saint or even a role model by any means, as a person. But as a musician, Kanye West is one of the most innovative and creative musical geniuses of our time. And Nikki Minaj straight murdered her verse, so dank.


you all dont get it the white man time is up....we are all mentally slaves .we dont kno nothing is what he trynna tell us..the whites are blood sucking devils..im not raciest but this is what i came to find out...if u wanna kno the really all they are tlk n bout is religious things the white man kno tha blacks had and twisted it up and made it their own...look at power n look at the 35 min video from kanye n ull see its deep n if u dont understand it.... it aint for u too


Fuck everyone hating. When you learn a little something about music and the artists who make the music, then maybe your opinion will be valid. "Oh Kanye's too full of himself...the song is crap" Do you even understand the lyrics to the song? Guess not. Fucking ignorant pricks.


This video does not go with the song at all but the song is really good!!!! im not a fan of kanye west at all i feel like he is way to full of himself. WE understand that hes rich and all that however no need to rub it in. also nicki does ina way establish herself as more then just an entertainer in this song. she not just talkin about her vaj and shit like usuall. the video is a little weird but i guess that means that the gaga trend is counitinig. the weird video shouldnt be a surprise tho cuz recently alot of kanyes viseos are along the same lines. overall good song doesnt matter how disturbign the video is becuase ppl are goingto watch ot regardlesss good or not


This song is retarded. These artists don't even have creative lyrics these days, but because it has Kanye West or Jay-Z stamped on the cover, people will buy millions of their records. And who the hell is Rick Ross to say that Nicki Minaj is a good artist? He's a terrible rapper. Aside from the fact that the song lacks creativity, this video is disturbing. Models hanging from the ceiling and a severed head...really? Killuminati.


Sexy women in scantily clad clothes promoting alcohol and drugs = acceptable... Sexy women who a hanging from the ceiling, dead on the floor, or being eaten alive = bad video? This video has broken the usual rap video premise. It has brought you your sexy women, but in a form you aren't used to them in. This song wasn't about making a catchy beat go along with a flashy video. This song was about how these artists have come along and shook up the game. They did it with no remorse. They truly are monsters....


More satanic crap from crappy artists....1 line DOES NOT make you a great artist!


Just another talentless afermative action hero. He is the perfect garbage for the garbage minded masses. On to the apocolypse!