Kanye West Releases Official "Monster" Video: Watch, React Now!

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For his latest music video, Kanye West receives a little help from his friends. Fortunately, Kim Kardashian isn't one of them.

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    The Devil is a an excuse for a reason for terrible things. The Devil is consumerism and hate, war and destruction, lies and deception. Satanists just want something to scare their abusive parents away. When someone actually worships the devil they worship Capitalism and Communism as the balance and they key, they turn Politicians into Demigods and Warmongers into The god Mars. Worshiping the Christian god is partially worshiping Satan, but worshiping your own god is truth. Jay-Z is just a prophet of his own beliefs. while Kanye may think he is a god Jay-z just exposes you to the world outside your suburban bubble. This video brings out the devil in all of us, to look in the mirror and either be proud of it or smash it.


    Hey uhm Anyone who hates this song/video kinda has some extra chromosomes. I usually hate rap, and I really hate Kanye and his arrogant ass, but I can't hate His fucking genius, and all the artists are very talented. And whoever said that Jay-z Worships the devil heres what I say to that;


    Fuck up Jane and sandra


    All the women fucking complaining about the film clip being mysogonistic or chauvinistic shut up. It's creative stop whining like its affecting you were not the 1940's anymore people so harden up


    why is everyone talking shit about this video it rocked its called creativity i bet if it was nicky raping and killing guys people wont be all bothered by it but since its KANYE! wow people start crying and whining about the contents and how its offensive against the female community...lets face it now a days speaking in general men and women are sluts we have become promiscuous and dressing like a skank has been more popularize by TV and MOVIES than ever before.whats the big deal? the video was tight nothing wrong with a lil interesting creativity!?




    jay z worships the devil and he sold hes soul to the devil..... fuck this video, jay z is fulof shit he is a dumn as camel nigga he should ask the devil for a better look .......


    Fucken Kayne West, get some fucken respect towards women. This videos is all violence against women, it looks like he fucken raped them and killed them. This video makes me disgusted. Not only are women not fully clothed in music videos, have to dress provocatively, and be sexually available for men when they want it, not to mention the groupie shots of one man getting 4 ladies. We now have to see violence against women taken to another level.


    WTF?!!? WAS THAT! I just wasted 5 mins of my life watching some video about ... something that made no sense at all to me, I mean yeah some might say it's just Illuminati (which I agree on to be honest) but to be fair, It's a "Weird yet good song?" song/video. It's funny?, but in a way disturbing.. very disturbing. Exactly what were they trieing to portray by hanging some chicks from the ceiling attatched to chains?, Kanye holding a womans head etc.. The real question is;; Are they monsters?: Yes. Is this a good video: No, it's weird.
    This is my personal opinion and I don't ask for any of you to agree. But honestly WTF?!


    This song is truly magnificent. Nicki is a sexy,crazy ass beast as always and the video is...... interesting? Hmmmmm yes I think thats the word for it. Either that or off the wall disturbing. And did i see a vaj in the beginning? Im pretty sure one of those girls hangin there didnt have underware on........ :\

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