JWoww on Jersey Shore Season 3: Crazy Drama!

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JWoww promises plenty of drama when Jersey Shore returns for Season 3 next week. We're inclined to believe the fake-breasted, hot-headed star.

Frequent sparring partner Angelina Pivarnick may be gone, but according JWoww (Jenni Farley), tears and tirades are still to come on the MTV hit.

“There’s a whole lot of drama!” JWoww said, admitting that she is at the center of much of the action herself, thanks to her split with Tom Lippolis.

Where's the Costume?

BUSTIN' OUT: JWoww is so ready to this season.

“You will see that I go through a bad breakup, and I find new love,” Jenni says. “Everyone finally gets to see my side. I come out of my shell.”

JWoww’s pissed off ex publicly accused her of cheating - and cheating her out of royalties - last summer, but the starlet is hardly heartbroken.

Instead, she's turning her misadventures in love into the third season of her hit show, along with a dating advice book to be released next year.

At least she has Sammi Giancola to take out her frustrations on. Watch JWoww get into it with her roomie in the Jersey Shore Season 3 trailer!


i fucking hate sammi that BITCHH , That's good that jwoww whipped her ass. She only thinks she so bad when ron is around. I hope that deena beat her up to. Ron cheated on her and fucked other girls and she still with him. Sammi if i could meet you I would beat the fuck out you because i hate fake bitches like you. SAMMI CAN EAT THAT DICK THAT HOE. MY FAVORITES: 1. JWOWW, SNOOKI, PAULY D ,DEENA ,& VINNY & MIKE FUCK SAMMI THAT FAKE SCARY BITCH , & RON YU NEED TOO LET THAT BITCH SAMMI FIGHT HER OWN BATTLES WITH HER SCARY ASS.


Man more fighting between JWOW and Sammi. I like how last season JWOW was talking about being such a good friend but was to scared to tell her anything, and caused all the drama with it. I cant wait to watch it in HD tonight on DISH Network on channel 160. I just hope we have it on in the breakroom at DISH so I don't have to wait till I get home to watch it.


Man i can't wait till jersey shore 3 comes in a couple of days i love everybody besides sammi and ronnie! U need to come see me for real ill put u in ur place u crybaby! ! And ronnie thinks he's the s*** f*** both of yall

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