JWoww Nude Photos on the Loose?

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Looks like JWoww's legal fight with her ex is about more than money.

The Jersey Shore star is concerned about "derogatory" photos in his possession ... pics that leave little to the imagination. We mean nude photos, people.

Don't ask us how pictures of JWoww nude can be derogatory. Look at standard, run-of-the-mill JWoww pictures like these. What you see is what you get:

JWoww Bikini Photo

We'd hate for photos to destroy JWoww's pristine image.

Here's the deal. Before Jenni's ex-boyfriend/former business manager Thomas Lippolis sued her for allegedly stiffing him on deals, her lawyer sent the guy a letter explaining a "final payment" for his services was in the works.

The document could be proof that Lippolis needs to get the $350,000 he demands from the Jersey Shore star as commission on deals he says he got for her.

But in the letter, the lawyer added, "It has come to [Jwoww's] attention that you may be in possession of certain photos of her that may be derogatory to her image."

Not only that, "in violation of her contract with MTV."

Sources connected to the former couple say the photos in question contain some very nude images of the reality star, who's negotiating for a new season now.

JWoww's attorney demanded the return of the pics ASAP, but nothing has been exchanged thus far. Stay tuned, this could get even uglier ... and nakeder.


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