Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez is "Amazing"

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When recently asked if she and Justin Bieber were a romantic item, Selena Gomez quickly dismissed that rumor.

But when MTV brought up this same topic with Justin a couple days ago, he didn't confirm a relationship between he and Selena. But he didn't exactly shoot down the idea, either.

"She's really cool," Bieber told the network. "She's an amazing person."

Precious Twosome

Does he mind that so many are so curious about his love life? Said Bieber:

"I think that people are always gonna be interested in my personal life... but I gotta keep some things to myself. I'm just having fun being a teenager."

As he should. But as long as he and Gomez spend time alone together, as they did in Miami last week (pictured), such (adorable!) talk will continue to persist.

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U knw u guy r compatible nd any of ur fan justin and sel who hates it is jst gonna hav 2 deal wit it


well we shld b happi 4 justin biber n ppl stop been haters i am wit linda wish u da best n hope u guys last 4 ever.


Im not tryin to say that selena is a fat sut but justin bieber needs to clm down and go out wit somebody his own age thats like if a 12 year old went out wit a 19 year old that would actuly b called child abuse bcause the 19 year old is over 18 and is going out wit somebody whos under 18 selena u should just b friends wit him and find somebody else thers tons of singers and actors who r 18 and r probly ur type


Im wit linda selena u could do waaaaaayyyyyyyy better then that


Selena com'on now...yeah justin is cute but u can do way better then that....anyways wish u the best of luck with him (= @Kayla,Abb & all them haters...its not like anyone of us is gona go out with him so come the fuck dowm cuz u just hating to much!


u fans r so wrong about wat u said he dont even know we exist so y would he date us


Their Cute Together


Stop hating on selena!!! She is way to good for Justin and @Nikki I totally agree God let the child have a life!! What fans are you hating on his girlfriend?? If he's happy then his fans should be happy! It's not like you personally know him either so you know ....... Stop hating!! GO SELENA


@Sabrina I'm the female ur the dog u need to grow up and stop acting like you know him if you really did like him you would let him be happy with Selena unseat of saying she's a slut because she isn't so grow up and let him he happy you stupid ass whore


to all you bitches sayin us fans shouldnt say who he should and shouldnt be with need to stfu!! were looking out for justin and so what if were jelouse we can be!! justin shouldnt say he would date a fan and turn around and say he wouldnt. that gave mainly every fans dreams up!! he should stay single so he can focus on his career and make his fans happy!! not un happy by dating the slut selena!! !!bieberfever!!

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