Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez is "Amazing"

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When recently asked if she and Justin Bieber were a romantic item, Selena Gomez quickly dismissed that rumor.

But when MTV brought up this same topic with Justin a couple days ago, he didn't confirm a relationship between he and Selena. But he didn't exactly shoot down the idea, either.

"She's really cool," Bieber told the network. "She's an amazing person."

Precious Twosome

Does he mind that so many are so curious about his love life? Said Bieber:

"I think that people are always gonna be interested in my personal life... but I gotta keep some things to myself. I'm just having fun being a teenager."

As he should. But as long as he and Gomez spend time alone together, as they did in Miami last week (pictured), such (adorable!) talk will continue to persist.

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selena gomez its a monster and gaga its most beatyful she not is perfect for justin


you fools r u a real fan of bieber or not cause i love bieber and i hope there is nothing between selena n him, cause I HATE SELENA GOMEZ


I lik justin bieber..... U guyzz r really bad haters stop hating! U guyz dont evn no him i bet tht if u guyz actualw new him u guyz wld probably lik him im not sayin i no him but i hat it when ppl talk shit!! I think u guyz sld apoligiz he can date whoevr he wnts its his lif and its a free country


Hi,every one i love j.b


Hey,who has the telephone number of justin bieber


Hi,david conway my name is meita joy im with you on that comment you write but if justin bieber&selena gomez they get married or have a child they going to divorce bcs of us the fans or kim kardashians will destroy the relation ship you wait you will see i love kim kardashian ,justin bieber nice couple bye david i think you are a good guy have a good day


dear hollywood gossip web site, hi my name is david conway, and my comments to the pepole on this web site just defening on the question just leave them alone , why do,nt you just shut up its still unlegail just when they are not married , and selena marie gomez is still unage just to by havig a child or having a babbie just with justin biebber , and plus i do know about law as well they still cant not get married under age on there own just with out parents , love david b conway


Hi,i just wanna say that justin bieber can date anyone he want to.He said some the things he gotta keep to himself,n i respect that. LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!


For the love of God u fans should let them be.u guys wuld end up destroyin their relationship.


Jb is allowed to like and go out with anyone he likes his fans should understand that its sad that thier making death threats if i were justin i wouldnt giv a shit about what you losers say:>

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