Justin Bieber Cracks Up in Concert

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It's often easy to forget that Justin Bieber is just 16 years old.

After all, the guy is a music mogul, future movie star, author and, simply put, one of the most fascinating people on the planet.

But he's still prone to fits of giggling, just like the rest of us. During a concert in Pittsburgh this week, Justin was forced to stop singing on two separate occasions because he was overcome by laughter. The cause of such guffawing? Two girls in the crowd fighting over his shirt.

Watch the adorable action now:

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Omg!he is so cute i love you justin bieber


Lol he's soo cute


OMB this is hilarious. i was craking up the whole time. wen u smile i samile wen u laugh i laugh wen u cry i cry wen u die i just cry lol.


they were fighting over a terrible towel not his shirt. and he was laughing because right after he stopped the song cuz of them fighting he stopped it again just for fun so he couldnt stop laughing. i was there.


Next time when i go to his concert i'm going to fight someone for his shirt so he'll notice me (:


Hahahahhaay *
be patient , justin :)
all of the thngs will be all rght:)


This is so cute :)
i've been a HUGE fan since i saw him for the first time, he's just simply amazing ♥


You's need to chill out, he's a kid for god sake! He can be immature the odd time and people really shouldn't judge him for that its normal for teenagers. He's doing nothing wrong so leave him be :)


Justin is so weird he probley only wante dpeople to see him he probley didnt think that it was even funny yea hes cute but he also thinks hes all that and more


OMG!! That's so weird!