Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Holding Hands in IHOP!!!

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It stands for the International House of Pancakes, but for one morning this week, IHOP might as well have been an acronym for It's Happening, Omg, People!!!

We're referring, of course, to the breakfast date on which witnesses spied Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The two were seen dining and holding hands at an establishment in Philadelphia, hours before they performed at the Q102 Jingle Ball.

TMZ has the photographic evidence:


Justin and Selena sat on the same side of the booth, onlookers reported, and appeared "cuddly."

Of course, Bieber took the stage later that evening and serenaded a fan in a romantic manner. So who knows where things stand between him and Gomez. We'll keep you apprised.

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Ok well honestly i luv both of them but i dont like the way all yall skanks who dont like selena gomez are doing her this way. I mean it aint like he iz gonna pick yall cuz its like 1 and a million chance. Soooo bitches for all whores who r being a hates, stop being jelous and get a life .


I agree with everyone whos hating on justin bieber ! your gay stephanie justin bieber can sing stop being jelous that you cant sing or dont be an asshole because you dont like him. selena is ugly and justin could do so much better . ya whos songs are at the top of the charts oh yah not selena gaymez she just can sing her scrany little heart out. And shes also a slut skank and a whore she obviously doesnt know how to keep herself undercontrol. Justin you could definatly do a lot better.


ok not to be all rude but Justin could do way better. Selena Gomez seems like she is just playing with him. and if he actually likes her then he might as well forget about it because i dont want his heart broke. I love this kid to death ! I may never get to meet him but i still love him ! and honestly I think hes going to loose a lot of beliebers because not many people are fans of her and no offense but he already started loosing some when the news about him came out. No wonder he had an allergic reaction and had to be sent to the hospital she probably did something to him Justin i love you and she doesnt deserve you and you could do a lot better and this is coming from a very loving fan.


Youu Aree Soo Stupiddd. SERIOUSLY. You Should just Keep That Comment To Yourselff. Because There Are A Lot Of People That Like Justin Beiber And Just Because You Don't Like Him Doesnt Give You The Right To Say Anything About Himm. You Probably Are Just A Jelousee Bitch, Just Becausee You Ain't Famousee But If Anythingg if You Were Too See Him Walking By Your Blockk You Would Run To Take A Pitcure With Himm. Or If He Were To Ask You Out (NEVER Going To Happend) you Would Instently Sayy Yess. Ass iSaidd You Are Soo Stupidd It is People Like U Thatt Make This World A Worser Placee.
You Sound Just Like Some GUYS iKnoww.
Just because Justin Is Famous And A lot Of Girls Like His Musicc. Jelous Poeplee.


Ohmyqoddd; If Anything Is He Wasnt Famous She Would'nt Even Be Dating Justin. Why is He With Her When He Can Get A Girl His Own Agee And Muchh prettier. Not Her, iPersonally Think That She Is A Skankk. iAdmit iDo Like Justin's Songs But IAm Not An Obssesedd Fan Of His He Can Date Who Ever He Wants. But What iSaid Is True He Can get Any Other Girl He Wants And She Can be Much Way More Prettier And Yonger Then Selina Gomez.


CUTE!! REAL CUTE :o lavv ya justin!!


Justin kmu playboy bgd,u plih sg 0r jv??


justin is shorter that selena those r probely just other people trying to get your attintion


Yeah i totally agree with bob smith...... To whoever the hell stephanie is you needs to get on somewhere and go fck urself cuz not justin biebers fault that ur not important


Yeah this is not right it is not right to gossip about poeple even if they are dating I think you should leave them alone

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