Jon Gosselin Tries, Fails to Stop Kate Plus 8 Australian Adventure

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Jon Gosselin really doesn't want his kids on TV anymore.

Some have questioned his motives, but he seems intent on living a normal life these days and for his eight offspring to experience the same thing.

That said, he went to court to stop Kate Gosselin from dragging them to Australia, but was denied by a judge because the excursion is work related.

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Once again, Jon and Kate don't see eye to eye.

The same judge allowed Kate Gosselin to film her spin-off reality TV show, Kate Plus 8, on TLC in the first place, despite vehement objections by Jon.

“This was yet another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia," a source close to Jon Gosselin told Radar Online.

“But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans with the kids. Now he won't see them until they return in mid-January."

"He was scheduled to have them this weekend, but there was nothing he could do as the decision was taken out of his hands by the judge."

“Kate told Jon about the trip, and when he did not agree it was decided that the judge should intervene and the ruling went in her favor."

“He is trying to put a brave face on and has explained the situation to his own family and friends, but this is a big disappointment for him."

“But if nothing else, they all respect him for trying to stand up to Kate and for fighting for what he thinks is right for his kids as well.”

Fresh off goin' camping with Sarah Palin in Alaska, Kate flew to Australia with her eight kids, plus body guard Steve Nield, on Tuesday.

The Gosselin crew will also visit New Zealand, and during the excursion they will shoot tons of footage for future episodes of Kate Plus 8.

As for Jon's plans tonight?

“It is most likely that he will be staying in Pennsylvania to be with his girlfriend Ellen Ross plus family and friends as they ring in 2011."

Sounds normal at least.


i see no difference with these children then brad and angelina - both used for pr and for making political statement. next....


i am happy for the children! i want to go! why would he want to take that away from them.


Kate has won the "Worst mother of the Century Award" This woman is a complete idiot. Forget about them going to college, "Mom" is spending all their tuitions as faster than these poor kids earn it. I can't even understand spending hundreds on crappy hairstyles when you can get them cheaper elsewhere, for example....WALMART!!!!!


Nan, come on. You're either Kate herself or her mother, seriously. Your insights are completely delusional. Poor kids. We'll see how they'll turn out in a few years. I bet a few will struggle with alcohol/drugs, dysfuncional relationships and rage issues. Stay tuned.


@Julie: And who are you?? The comment police?? Your a flippin idiot for calling people jealous. That shows just how immature you are, like a child in a playground. Kate puts her life and her children's on camera for the world to see and public scrunity comes with the territory. Why do you feel the need to stick up for her? Are you her mother?? Kate is a big girl, she can defend herself.


It takes two people to destroy a marriage do you people really care omg get a life!!!!! As far as Kate goes her kids arent working they arent acting they are not actors they are living their lives and getting paid they will have money for the futureschooling or whatever. I think shes doing what she thinks best for her kids afterall she did give birth to all 8!!! Basically you people need to mind your business and stop sounding like jealous idiots. She has a right to do whatever she wants with her own kids. Im sure if asked a few of you wouldnt get parent of the year award. Happy New year to all i know mine will be and happy new year to you kate and all your angels.


Maybe the judge sees though Jon. I find it hard to forget he wanted to move to Utah to live with one of his past girlfriends without a thought about the kids. Same when he moved to New York to be with the New York girlfriend. He plays the media for sympathy and to some degree it works until he slips up in a lie and makes the press look like fools. He's done it so many times since this farce started. He has a girlfriend for a few months and finally gets a job and we're supposed to believe he's a saint now because he finally wants the kids off tv since he can't reap the rewards of the money. He's crying about this too late to be believed since he's lied so much in the past.


Ahh fuck these people off.
Do not even come to my country, I hope a crocodile eats them. Lousy pieces of shit


I miss the show and hope it comes back.Jon if he was a manHe wouldn't of cheeted on her no matter what, Let him be raising 8 kids on his own and find out it is not easy,
The problem with are young people today they don't have any commetment they just leave, work things out life is only what you make of it, I though they went to church? what does the Bible say about working things out and shacking up with someone not your spouce There is a day comming when we all will have to make a account of the bad things we do. There is a Heaven and a Hell don't fool yourselves.


@Sammi: Great comment! Nice to see people have some intelligence.

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