Jon Gosselin Tries, Fails to Stop Kate Plus 8 Australian Adventure

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Jon Gosselin really doesn't want his kids on TV anymore.

Some have questioned his motives, but he seems intent on living a normal life these days and for his eight offspring to experience the same thing.

That said, he went to court to stop Kate Gosselin from dragging them to Australia, but was denied by a judge because the excursion is work related.

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Once again, Jon and Kate don't see eye to eye.

The same judge allowed Kate Gosselin to film her spin-off reality TV show, Kate Plus 8, on TLC in the first place, despite vehement objections by Jon.

“This was yet another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia," a source close to Jon Gosselin told Radar Online.

“But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans with the kids. Now he won't see them until they return in mid-January."

"He was scheduled to have them this weekend, but there was nothing he could do as the decision was taken out of his hands by the judge."

“Kate told Jon about the trip, and when he did not agree it was decided that the judge should intervene and the ruling went in her favor."

“He is trying to put a brave face on and has explained the situation to his own family and friends, but this is a big disappointment for him."

“But if nothing else, they all respect him for trying to stand up to Kate and for fighting for what he thinks is right for his kids as well.”

Fresh off goin' camping with Sarah Palin in Alaska, Kate flew to Australia with her eight kids, plus body guard Steve Nield, on Tuesday.

The Gosselin crew will also visit New Zealand, and during the excursion they will shoot tons of footage for future episodes of Kate Plus 8.

As for Jon's plans tonight?

“It is most likely that he will be staying in Pennsylvania to be with his girlfriend Ellen Ross plus family and friends as they ring in 2011."

Sounds normal at least.


Kate plus eight is all about kate and kids on vacation. It is so boring. Now the judge is advocating the kids missing school to go on working vacations. TLC must be lining the judges pockets.


Some seem to have forgotten the FACTS that Loser abandoned his kids to be a wannabe playboy and then stole money from his family, he is a court proven liar, cheater and thief. Jon then pimped out his kids to TLC to settle a lawsuit against him so he could collect a paycheck from TLC! Gosselin is a pathetic excuse for a father & only wants the kids when he can make money from them. Kate is a great mom & will always be there for her kids, unlike their LOSer of a dad!


@Kareen: no need for an opology. I would have said the same thing as you. I totally agree with you. I will not watch anything she shows her face on.


Please accept my apology Lucy.
I didn't read your comment down below first.
You couldn't pay me enough either to watch this screaming, sorry excuse of a mother.


@Kareen: I'm with you girl. I was being sarcastic! Kate is a witch and I wouldn't watch her show if you paid me. God help my kids would pick up all her bad habits or maybe they would think having a tribe of kids would make them famous. Sick woman!


Lucy, Kate is a selfless mother? ROFL
What rock do you sleep under?


kids are screwed ............ unfortunately the fools that support the mom are prolonging the kids torture. ......... the minute kate gets rejected and shut down is the minute that the kids have a chance at a life beyond 17 .............. guess kate can write new books about her stuggles with kid's drug problems, suicide, crime


After Kate's actions in Alaska I see no need to watch "her" again. However, I love those kids and want to keep up with them. I FF thru Kate and her rants !! Sorry Jon was upset about the trip but, heck, why ruin it for these kids !! How many kids get to travel and see things and experience things like they do. Encourage your kids, Jon !! They are already famous...just GO with it.


@yes: I hope you continue watching the shows with your kids. You can learn alot watching Kate Gosselin! She is such a selfless mother.


i think nan comment has merit. the children are in better schools, have opportunities they wouldn't have without the show. now how the parents use them for them that is the determining factor. jon does a lot of talking without actions. think how much he spent going to france with a female and he other trips he took - jon actually took money from his children to spend on himself and other women. those are proven facts - why doesn't jon start trying to be apart of their lives again and a positive way - asking to go on the trip too! so that he can be with them. for once put his feelings aside and think of the children. why didn't jon look up where they were going and talk to them about the exciting time they are going to have instead of limited their lives to his. the bigger picture for both kate and jon. kate needs to do more stuff to include jon. get past their past and look at the children. jon is being selfish it is a wonderful time and trip for the children.

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