Jon Gosselin Loving Life as "Regular Guy"

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Jon Gosselin is loving his newfound "normalcy," or whatever you'd call his version of it. As we reported last week, he just got a regular job - one he loves.

"On his first day of work, he just loved it. He felt weird that everyone knew who he was. But they didn't talk about it, it's a trust issue," a source said.

Tooling Around

His gig is in his pre-TLC field: "The job is IT-based online marketing. He solves problems, teaches people to solve their problems. He really enjoys it."

JOE SCHMOE: Jon Gosselin is relishing his new role.

A source says that while Jon is often recognized by clients, most folks are now accepting him for who he is as he's "trying to start his life again."

"He lost everything. There were so many things he had to face because not a lot of people in the world who could relate to what he was facing."

"He had eight kids at 27-years-old.  He was on a reality show, he was in the tabloids and he got divorced. It was a lot to deal with all at once."

"He did a lot of stupid things."

That he did. Amazingly, it looks like those days are - dare we say it - starting to fade, with a regular life and the right priorities in their place?


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Yes, he had everything!! With his IT background he could have learned TV production or how to use a camera or anything. I am sure TLC would have helped him. He threw it all away acting a fool and now look at him.


sounds like Jon responded to some of the "stay at home and make millions" ads....bogus


According to Imperfect Women blog Jon is working on commission for a property management company, visiting college campuses and trying to sell to them. Two things to ponder - this is NOT an IT job or marketing,like you're claiming AND I guess it's time to kiss Ellen Ross goodbye. Jon plus hot college girls equals big time cheating.


Go Jon! I hope you find happiness with Ellen. I'm sure she doesn't treat you like garbage like your ex Kate. I hope you and Ellen get the kids. Kate is spending all their hard-earned money on herself. Her hair cost thousands but she can't afford eggs for the kids so she had to buy chickens. What a piece of work!


Yep, suebonnet, you are right. Give this guy a few months and see how he once again falls on his face. His present female is ugly and is tired of supporting him as Kate did.


J-on Go-sellin.


Sounds like the judge gave him till the end of December to get a job, any kind of job. Proof will be in the paycheck and not from earnings from selling 'news' and pictures to the tabloids of his ex-wife Kate G and his eight children. Or has his current bed-mate continued the selling?


WHAT A WASTE! To have had everything and BLEW IT. Now he wants people to believe that he is enjoying this. That Judge made this fool EAT CROW!


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