Jon Gosselin: Employed!

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Talk about an early Christmas miracle!

Apparently Jon Gosselin has a job. One that does not involve being a douche. Well, at least not on TLC. We know, we're as surprised as you are here.

What a Complete Tool

An IT guy before Jon & Kate Plus 8 took off, he's back in the tech field. The balding, Ed Hardy-wearing seducer of mediocre girls has come full circle.

A GREAT CATCH: How could any employer resist this man?

"Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."

As for the ongoing shenanigans of Kate Gosselin, including her appearance on the Today show in which she said she was still awaiting an apology?

Dude just doesn't care!

"He is happy as can be," the source said, noting that incidentally, he's still happily dating the latest of his post-Kate girlfriends, Ellen Ross.

Sorry to break that one to you, ladies.

Just to sum up, Jon's working full-time at a regular 9/5 job, not seeking publicity, in a steady relationship and wants his kids OFF the air?

What's next, Bristol Palin promoting abstinence?


What does she want an apology for? That he allowed her to have so many kids? That was HER decision. He had NO say.
Glad to see he got a job, is getting his life in order and finally being a man and not a slappy the clown. Glad to see he thumbed his nose at TLC.
Kate on the other hand needs to get a REAL job and not free loading off her kids. Go back to work and stop selling your children and yourself on TV. No One Wants To See You.


@ neighbor: I will call a spade a spade. Jon is a decent guy who made mistakes once he was freed from the hell that is Kate. He has acknowledged those mistakes, laid low, settled down with someone he loves and who loves him and his kids, and is making an effort to change for the better. And his children adore him. Love it. Kudos to him.


if thats indeed true I give him props, more than I can say for Kate..shes still a fame whore and thinks only of herself, and publicity, why else is she constantly putting herself on the today show and others doing lame ass interviews trying to justify everything she does? what she needs to do is get a real job..not on tv and start acting like a mother, not some rich stuck up wanna be celebrity..


@neighbor Not a real job? Seriously? I'm an independent consultant in the IT field and rake in close to 300k, how is that not a real job? Don't knock it because you're not computer savvy enough to make a buck. You know, I heard Mario Teaches Typing is a great tutor; you may consider picking yourself up a copy. Better yet, I'll sit at home, on the couch, working my "real" job for 5 minutes and buy you a copy. Pathetic.


Ok please leave this guy alone, i think he did pretty well having his pride and dignity as a husband and father constantly undermined and being treated like a two year old in front of the whole nation. I was raised with by controlling parent and all it did was made it easy for others to control me. I just hope Kate back's off a little
a lets her kids have a bit of control over there own lives and choice's age appropriate of course. But for John i know how hard it is to live with a controlling personality as a partner/parent. So lets just give him break and wish him well as well as giving Kate a break and wishing them all well as a family of 10 individuals going through very rough times.

Free britney

@ lara right you are. without our programmer, we are nothing. if you're virtually looking over my shoulder and reading this, what's up LC Lover, how ya doin' today.


um, dont the knock the job of an IT tech! there vital to all websites maintance and the overall well being of computers in general. there the reason why you were able to put that lame comment.:-)


I give this guy props for doing a 180 in his life. Steady girlfriend, Getting an actual job (even sitting on your computer selling advice is a job. If you get paid, it's a job) and he seems to really want to take care of his kids for reasons other than fame. Kate is still stuck on herself. The day the news broke that her kids were expelled (or as she said, mutually agreed to be removed from school due to anger issues) she went tanning, and it appeared she had a fresh french manicure. It's still about the cameras, the glitz and the glam.


Sitting on your sofa and selling computer advice online is NOT a job. Good for him for starting a business but let's call a spade a spade.


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