Jon Gosselin: Employed!

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Talk about an early Christmas miracle!

Apparently Jon Gosselin has a job. One that does not involve being a douche. Well, at least not on TLC. We know, we're as surprised as you are here.

What a Complete Tool

An IT guy before Jon & Kate Plus 8 took off, he's back in the tech field. The balding, Ed Hardy-wearing seducer of mediocre girls has come full circle.

A GREAT CATCH: How could any employer resist this man?

"Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."

As for the ongoing shenanigans of Kate Gosselin, including her appearance on the Today show in which she said she was still awaiting an apology?

Dude just doesn't care!

"He is happy as can be," the source said, noting that incidentally, he's still happily dating the latest of his post-Kate girlfriends, Ellen Ross.

Sorry to break that one to you, ladies.

Just to sum up, Jon's working full-time at a regular 9/5 job, not seeking publicity, in a steady relationship and wants his kids OFF the air?

What's next, Bristol Palin promoting abstinence?


ya, jon good for you, your the same age as my son I know that I would be horrified if i had a daughterinlaw like kate,what a nasty piece of work needs to go away and grow up , as for you jon good on you for getting your dignity back all the best for the furture , I would like to see you with the kids, you should move back in the family home with the kids and kick kate to the curb lets see how she goes without the kids pay packets


When TLC decides to stop funding Kate with her dwindling ratings, Jon can now go to court and say, "Look, this is what I make." If he makes $75,000 a year, Kate should be prepared for drastically reduced child support. The judge will allow Jon to keep enough money to support himself and Kate will have to adjust her standard of living. She will have to realize that many families with 8 kids survive on $20,000 for a year for their kids and in some cases even less. Kate will have to give up her first class treatment for herself, her mansion, etc.


Now that Jon has a job, WHEN will Kate get a job that does not involve her kids supporting her?


Oh Bunn, I think you are the Boob here! Yes, Jon was too soft but give him a break. Kate is a HUGE control freak. Having her around you would feel like a TON of weight crushing and squeezing every inch of life out of you. She is a NUT case and should be seeing a psychologist every single day while her kids are in school, instead of hanging out in the mani/pedi and tanning salons. Jon has moved on and GOOD FOR YOU JON!! You are the smartest one of the two because you knew when it was time to get out. I hope this makes a better case for him now so he can really go after Kate and TLC to finally GET THOSE KIDS OF TV FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Oh please stop the 'pity party' for this boob. If he wasn't man enough to stand up to his wife (and I don't mean dragging her by the hair and beating her!)he has only himself to blame. They were married for abit before they had all those kids, did he not recognize how 'power hungry' she was and how she wanted to wear the 'pants in their family'? It's so painfully obvious when she opens her mouth how could he not see that? (ah yes 'love is indeed blind")I am glad he got a job because he is gonna need it to pay all the therapy bills his kids are gonna need when they hit 12/13. And Jon, quick note here: lose those cigarettes if you wanna be around to walk all your daughters down the aisle someday(it's bad example too)!


Way to go Jon. At least you are trying which is more than can be said about your ex (the TV whore)= she is still trying to be on TV doing everything she can to get back on a show. Nobody wants her, go away Kate. Get a real job and if that job does not pay for your house expenses and especially the body guard get rid of them. MB


Kudos for Jon for resuming a normal life! He has always been a good guy, and it pains me to see the way he has been publicly trashed since escaping his tormentor. He was gainfully employed before the tv show, but that ended when he was forced to stay home and play 'servant' to 'The Witch'. From the beginning, he was the more affectionate and nurturing parent, and I'm happy for him that (after an understandable period of 'acting out') his life is going forward in a positive direction, both personally and professionally. That's not an easy transition after years of being beaten down and diminished by spousal abuse.


Well atleast Jon is trying to find a REAL job unlike Kate "Media Whore". Instead of being on dwts she should have been home taking care of her kids.


Now Jon can start to support his kids!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure he will be able to pay the monthly bills for them!!!!!!!! NOT.


Way to go Jon. I hope you get the kids because your ex is making a complete mess out of them.


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