John Travolta is Gay, Carrie Fisher Says

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John Travolta is gay and it's no secret - just ask Carrie Fisher.

Travolta has been followed by gay rumors and reports since the late 1980s, always denying them and often enlisting a team of lawyers to take action.

But Fisher, most famous for her iconic portrayals of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, tells The Advocate that her old friend is ... well ...

Carrie Fisher Picture

Carrie and John go way back, but is she telling it like it is?

The Advocate asks: “I know you and Travolta go way back, so let’s get really blunt here: Does his (Travolta’s) legal team have any business demanding Gawker remove a recent post suggesting that he’s given (bleep) jobs?”

Her response: “Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry he’s uncomfortable with it, that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss."

This isn't her first such comment about Travolta, either.

In a 2009 Advocate interview, Fisher lists among 10 Things Gay Men Should Know About Women that “We don’t really care that John Travolta is gay.”

Travolta was first publicly called gay by porn star Paul Barresi who gave an interview about an alleged gay relationship with Travolta in the 1980s.

He later recanted that story and subsequently said the story was true.

Other men have come forward alleging sexual contact with John, who recently became a father again, welcoming a son with wife Kelly Preston.

The latest of alleged Travolta paramours, Robert Randolph, recently came forward to tell the National Enquirer about the star's "secret gay life."

Randolph's new book has drawn heavy fire from Travolta’s legal team as the author alleges to have direct knowledge of Travolta's gay dalliances.

Do you think he's gay? Does it even matter?

UPDATE, 5/11/2012: This topic is receiving renewed interest, clearly, in the wake of the sexual assault allegations against the actor by three men.

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Do you think John Travolta is gay?


We are all gay inside, I am


Kelly has gotten what she wants out of the marriage. Children. If he is gay and she's just a cover who says they couldn't have had her artificially inseminated with Johns sperm. Plenty of gay men have children with friends. Case in point Tom Cruise.


#1 JT great actor great human being and does so much for others in this world. Its his life! Now as far as his being gay. He and Kelly are both bi sexual thus there relationship works because they do truly love each other and there children.. they will never admit to there sexuality nor should they have to to nobody nor should they have to but the other reason is because of the teaching of Ron Hubbard. Its what they believe in and that's why we live in America folks and we are Free and have the freedom to do what we want to do in our own personal life and lifestyle. So all u it hatters get a life and leave the man alone or one day the tables my turn in your glass houses. Thanks for letting me vent. And no I'm not gay but I hate the gay bashing going on here..


Back in the 80s John Travolta was in Fla,protected by someone I personally knew,at the end of the event he invited one of the personal security guard (male), back to a private party where he was stayting. He made it clear that it would be just the 2 of them.. Why people can"t be honest . I have always liked his acting, so whatever.


I am very fond of John Travolta. Whether he is gay or not does not affect how I feel about him. If he is gay, it's unfortunate he has to lie about his true love/sexual orientation. My supposition is that he is a loving person. He loves his wife, but prefer sex with men. I'm sure he's a loving family man, but if he's prefers men, he is not going to be able to remedy that. Life is complicated and so are all of us. Hollywood is unrelenting. If he came out, would he get the roles he's had? I don't think so. Look what happened to Rupert Everett, the British actor who is so AWESOME!


A person's private life, including their sexual preference, is their own business. It shouldn't matter if they are famous or not. People should mind their own business.


I don't think it is true.sad that Carrie calls john a friend and then trashed him.


Personally I don't care, but if you are a star and wish to be a nameless homosexual than you need to stay away from the homosexual world and keep cock out of your mouth. A good case in point is that Michael George who would not come out of the closet until he got caught trying to suck cock in a mens rest room. Now he still claims the old "Hetro" songs he wrote really were about about a girl.
If only all the closet cases would just come out it would be a better world.


I hope Carrie Fisher reads this but people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. John travolta is a wonderful human being he's been through enough. It doesn't make u look good Ms. Fisher. Look at your life before you try to ruin someone elses.


When he was with Paul Baresi, they were seen out on the town everywhere.. and Johnny was always giggling like a school girl.. he was so proud of his hung actor-lover that he had trouble keeping his hands to himself.. he has hit on Adam Sandler.. but Adam was afraid to come out just yet..John was known to be a prima donna behind the scenes and a "party boy" at any of the elegant soirees he and Paul threw.. Really old news.. if you know who to ask..

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