Jennifer Aniston Shunning Chelsea Handler After Angelina Jolie Bashing

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Chelsea Handler made headlines recently for calling Angelina Jolie a c*%t and tearing her a new one. Chels' BFF, Jennifer Aniston, is reportedly not thrilled.

Jen is not an Angelina fan either, for obvious reasons, but she was so mortified at Chelsea's insults that she has decided to distance herself from Handler.

"Jen and Chelsea haven't officially fallen out but they won't be close for a long time unless Chelsea promises to never talk about Angelina," a friend says.

POORLY HANDLED: Chelsea crossed the line, Jen feels.

The friend adds: "She understands that what Chelsea did, she did out of loyalty to Jen, but it didn't help. In fact, it made things significantly worse."

We can see that. Handler saying she's not a fan is one thing, but labeling Jolie a home-wrecking skank and the c-word to boot? A tad over the line.

Calling Jolie a phony, Handler quipped "She gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c*%t ... a f**king b!tch."

Those remarks came just weeks after spending Thanksgiving with Jennifer in Mexico, effectively trying Aniston in with her tirades by association.

"Jen is and has always been a private person," a friend of Aniston's says. "It's one thing to bash Angelina in private; it's another to do it in public."

"Chelsea should know better and is feeling Jen's cold shoulder."

Rough. But hey, at least she has 50 Cent in bed to console her.

Here's a portion of Handler's evisceration of Angelina Jolie ...


Look at Chelsea Handle .Her face so mean and ugly. Jen just want her to revenged.I'm sure she know that women is worse but she has no choice.


angelina is hideous, i agree with the post from "katie." and on top of her being overly-aged, her disgusting-looking baby's daddy brad pitt, has also gotten about 20 years older in the 5 years he's been with her. they are the ugliest, and oldest-looking couple in hollywood. angelina doesn't give more money then then any other celebrity, most other celebs give to many charities around the world, including jennifer aniston, but other celebrities don't feel the need to call the media every time they give a donation. jennifer aniston is WAY more beautiful then angelina, no contest, and she looks much younger enver though she's almost 10 years older, and she has a much better body, not like angelina's gross body. oh, and unlike angelina, she's no longer with that pathetic two-timing loser (brad pitt)


hey angie is way more talented and beautiful than Jen.I think Chelsea crossed the line and she just wants attention for herself.I think most women envy angelina because she has brad.She is a nice person because she help needy all around the about jen?she also sleeps with most men.duh


First off... WHO CARES!
Secondly... Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking cvnt! Plain and simple! She's a beast with giant blo job lips!
She's a freak, her brother's a freak, now with the help of several countries and Pitt sperm, she's raising freaks. The kids may be cute, but let's see how things pan out in about 15 years!!! Do I like everything that Chelsea says? HELL NO! But the truth is the truth! Jolie is a skank and that's that!


Chelsea should just butt out. Jen has been handling all this with such class & style.


@somjit, their children are NOT the "most beautiful" they're cute just like any other children, but not any more beautiful then other kids
@Dana Popescu, angelina jolie doesn't have friends cuz she's boring. she has no personality and no emotions, just like the people she plays in EVERY SINGLE role. she has a big forehead that has a pulsating vein, receding hairline, alien-shaped head, lips that are dry and cracked, dry-looking skin, a twig-for-a-body, and she's a sociopath. there are many actresses that i find absolutely gorgeous (jessica alba, natalie portman, scarlet johansson, mila kunis, kristen bell, all extremely beautiful women) but angelina jolie is one of the ugliest, plus she looks like she's in her 40s or 50s even though she's in her 30s.
jennifer aniston just doesn't want to be dragged into more brad-gossip after she's already moved on, and the media keeps trying to tie her in with him, you can't blame her for wanting to distance herself from that.


jolie and Pitt has most beautiful children in the world !!very happy for them and God bless the the whole family as always .


Oh, just one more thing. This... Chelsea Handler - did I spelled her name right? - should stop with all these shits, because her real victim is not Angie (as Chelsea would love) but her "so call" friend Jennifer Aniston. Think about that!


Angelina Jolie is more than beautiful, more than talented (Oscar) and has a very huge-huge-huge sex appeal!
I am a woman, I`m straight (and very happy) but I would kiss her if I had the chance! By the way, I am going to watch all of her movies! P.S. Handler is wrong. The main reason Jolie hasn`t got too many woman friends is because of what I mentioned above - a huge talent, a charming beauty and a great charisma! People gets jealous (women especially).


Handler was just telling the truth anyway...

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