Jenn Sterger Wants Brett Favre Suspended

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Jenn Sterger is not out to get Brett Favre ... but come on, the dude should be held accountable for what he did, lest her own reputation be sullied.

That's essentially the model/reporter's take.

The former N.Y. Jets sideline reporter who claims Favre texted pics of his junk to her claims she would rather not pursue legal action against the NFL star.

As long as the NFL suspends him, that is.

Jenn Sterger has made it clear where she stands.

Jenn Sterger's rep said that "If the [NFL] commissioner suspends Favre and puts him in a program to make sure this doesn't happen again ... 100 percent ... she would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against anybody."

Her rep also insists that the QB's camp tried to pay her off in the wake of the alleged texting, but before any wang photos or news of the scandal leaked online:

"He asked, is there a specific figure you had in mind to make this go away."

Brett admits hollering at Jenn, but denies texting lewd pics. The NFL investigation into the incident is reportedly closed, but no decision has been reached yet.


Jen worked for the jets while dating a sirius satalite radio personality and although never mentioned on air I would say that jenn and favre were having a more than text relationship jenn was a well known sidline reporter in college before moving to the nfl. So for people to put sterger in the same boat as a kardashian/hilton is bullshit. Favre messed up period he's married and got caught plain and simple.


Jenn Sterger...another woman whose only claim to fame involves some sex related scandal. And she doesn't want money. She's already made money because she's involved in a sex scandal. She can now join a host of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, who fame rests almost solely on their sexual infamy. What a disgrace to intelligent respectful woman everywhere!


What is this girl deal??? Is she not making enough money broadcasting? If it wasn't about money, why did she wanted to sue in the first place. What I think is she wasn't well known by everyone, so now everyone do know who she really is. It's all about publicity. I don't know who she is and I sure don't want to know her now! yeah, I'm definitely boycotting her, Great job Dumb ass!!! If I was Farve's wife, I would beat her ass!!!!! I hope she read this!!!


Jenn Sterger is a no talent hack who uses her sexuality to get paid. If she didn't want the attention then quit putting the girls out there for all to see. I hope she never gets another broadcasting job and not a dime from Brett. Now she wants the NFL to suspend Brett in order to give credibility to her story after her failed money grab. I hope Karma comes back at her two fold!


But she can walk around on the sidelines showing 85% of her breats. I am offended, can I sue? This should have been taken care of out of the limelight, nipped in the bud as soon as she received these texts. No sympathy for anyone involved.


u guys r ridiculous i agree she doesnt dress appropriately but sum of the shit u guys say is totally wrong i heard a guy say "she deserved it" umm so if a girl wears a skirt n a guy puts his had up it she deserved it??? wtf i mean if she feels lyk she was harassed n wants to show tht she's not jus gonna put up with it then gud for her


a nobody with a sick body, am I right guys?!?!


Come on. Jenn wants him suspended. Her reputation? She's a friggin Maxxim model. She has no reputation. She's a no body.

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