Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom 2 Train Wreck!

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Jenelle Evans stars on Teen Mom 2 (watch the trailer here) this January. Typical for a cast member of the MTV show, she's had run-ins with the law.

More than a few, in fact.

Jenelle Evans' Boob Job

Her arrest two months ago for breaking and entering and marijuana possession was the latest in a series of crazy police reports involving Janelle.

Teen Mom 2 star Janelle Evans is the mother of 16 month old Jace.

She was arrested back in October of this year for breaking and entering, marijuana possession and paraphernalia possession. Not a good combo.

The Oak Island, N.C., native was busted breaking into someone else's place and was released on a $2,000 bond. She is expected in court January 10.

In October 2008, Jenelle was arrested for sneaking through a bedroom window to see her then-boyfriend and father of her baby, Andrew Lewis.

According to the police report, she “continued to refuse to leave even after her mother attempted to take her home.” Jenelle Evans was arrested.

Luckily for her, Andrew’s mom dropped the charges provided that "[Jenelle] must not come to house uninvited and leave at reasonable hour.”

In December 2007, Jenelle ran away from home and her mom, Barbara, freaked out and called the police after her daughter fled home on foot.

According to the report, Jenelle “became upset after she confronted her about being impaired” and she “did not know where Jenelle was going.”

She was found at then-boyfriend Andrew’s house.

Then, just one month ago, Jenelle was committed to Brunswick Community Hospital involuntarily after experiencing some sort of meltdown.

A report claims after an examination “she was found not to be a threat to herself or anyone else” and was released early the next morning.

As for Jace's dad, her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, dude was arrested in 2008 for committing a misdemeanor against her, for which he was convicted.

He also was arrested for a DUI in August 2009, which was the same month their son, Jace, was born. Never an encouraging sign.

Needless to say ... expect some drama this season.


I think her mom is doing a great job taking custody. She is only harsh bcus her daughter is retarded and all her patience and hopes for janelle is gone. Janelle clearly cant manage her own life how does she expect to raise jace. What ever she ends up is her own fault! Poor jace suffers for it. I support barbara all the way


Don't EVER blame Janelle's mother for Janelle Ruining her own life. The stupid teen decided on her own to have a baby and abandon him for a piece of shit like keifer , Jace will live the rest of his life hearing what a Stupid Useless Mother he has from People all over the world and His own freakin Grandmother. Kudos to Janelle's mom for keeping the kid alive when It seems his mother is too selfish to do so. she most likely will end up in jail and Die a Dirty used up Whore!!!


as for poor lil jace, he shouldnt be with janelle OR HER MOTHER!! that woman is no better than janelle! she hollars and screams at her in front of him, degrades her in front of him, reall loving grandmother MY ASS!! shes part to blame for janelles actions too!! they all need family counceling. i say that for jace. hes so sweet and innocent. he deserves to be raised the right way people come on!!


Janelle, no doubt, needs to work on becoming a better mother. i think all she wants is to be loved herself. that pos boyfriend is NOT it


I have seen some sad people in my life but she is the worst. I think Jace is lucky to have his grandma bec if not he would be in the states custody bec his mother is unfit to care for a plant let alone a child


ok i like you jenelle but ur mom is a total bi8tch sorry to say i will miss it when you leave teen mom..... Yea but your son is sooo cuite bubye


Or maybee 18 kids and counting, trailer park edition!


We will see her in a few years on MTV's Teen Mom, Trailer park edition...Can you say drug addict


I also read Barbara is being too harsh and critical.. Omg! What do you want her to do praise all th b.s her daughter is doing????? Really! She is choosing her loser ass boyfriend over Jace. She should concentrate on straightening out her life instead of getting laid. You know what she needs therapy. Seriously, she has low self esteem and is lacking something. Once she does that I think she can be a great mom and will learn how NOT to date losers.


Jade is right where he needs to be, with his loving grandma. She is stepping up while her ungrateful loser daughter isn't. Janelle has no maternal instinct. Her mom still gave her a chance to stay in her home but she chose that musty looking bum and went to New Jersey on her moms dime. She is a straight idiot who needs counseling. People who think her mom is being hard on her are obviously losers too. something is wrong with the way you think. Barbara is a great mom, if she wasn't she would have gave up on her ungrateful daughter along time ago.

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