Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom 2 Train Wreck!

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Jenelle Evans stars on Teen Mom 2 (watch the trailer here) this January. Typical for a cast member of the MTV show, she's had run-ins with the law.

More than a few, in fact.

Jenelle Evans' Boob Job

Her arrest two months ago for breaking and entering and marijuana possession was the latest in a series of crazy police reports involving Janelle.

Teen Mom 2 star Janelle Evans is the mother of 16 month old Jace.

She was arrested back in October of this year for breaking and entering, marijuana possession and paraphernalia possession. Not a good combo.

The Oak Island, N.C., native was busted breaking into someone else's place and was released on a $2,000 bond. She is expected in court January 10.

In October 2008, Jenelle was arrested for sneaking through a bedroom window to see her then-boyfriend and father of her baby, Andrew Lewis.

According to the police report, she “continued to refuse to leave even after her mother attempted to take her home.” Jenelle Evans was arrested.

Luckily for her, Andrew’s mom dropped the charges provided that "[Jenelle] must not come to house uninvited and leave at reasonable hour.”

In December 2007, Jenelle ran away from home and her mom, Barbara, freaked out and called the police after her daughter fled home on foot.

According to the report, Jenelle “became upset after she confronted her about being impaired” and she “did not know where Jenelle was going.”

She was found at then-boyfriend Andrew’s house.

Then, just one month ago, Jenelle was committed to Brunswick Community Hospital involuntarily after experiencing some sort of meltdown.

A report claims after an examination “she was found not to be a threat to herself or anyone else” and was released early the next morning.

As for Jace's dad, her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, dude was arrested in 2008 for committing a misdemeanor against her, for which he was convicted.

He also was arrested for a DUI in August 2009, which was the same month their son, Jace, was born. Never an encouraging sign.

Needless to say ... expect some drama this season.


i feel sorry for her and her baby .. i know things will get better for her and her baby ..


hi jeneele i watch teen mom 2 every tuesday and your my fav.


no kudos to grandma for me. they didnt show on the air how she messed up her other two kids' lives. from what i read, they didnt turn out so hot either. umm hello? talk about live in boyfriends. this is where jenelle gets it hahaha!! my only thought is, is jace doomed if this barbara doesnt have a stable relationship with any of her children? what makes her a saint on raising jace? if she cant love her own children, AGAIN, this is where jenelle gets it. like everyone, your first teacher in life is the one who raises you. no trust in the woman for me. thats how i look at though.


Their is no excuse for her behavior. Ppl want to blame the mother?? How is she to blame? Alot of ppl had a tough life and step up when a child is involved. Her age is no excuse I and alot of others have had a child at a young age and was able to grow up because our child needed us to. The mom's only fault is enabling her to be such a ungrateful little punk. Just the fact that she didnt press charges when Janelle STOLE from her shows she wants nothing more than for her daughter to have a chance at a real life. Janelle is a theiving, lying, no good pot head who doesnt deserve all the chances she has been given. Do the the time! Maybe, just maybe, then she might amount to something? Janelle GROW UP and take responsibility for you actions and quit blaming everyone for YOUR choices!!!!


I hear lots of people criticizing Barbara and I feel sorry for her. She is an older woman that should be able to enjoy her life instead she has to care for her grandson cause his own mom wont. Jenelle calls it baby sitting whenever she is watching her own kid, how pathetic is that! Jenelle is very disrespectful when she should appreciate all her mom is doing for her and the baby.


i think jenelle is only wanting fame, she dont care 2 take care of her son she wants 2 party, she needs 2 start taking responsibility for actions or close her damn legs!! I really cant stand barbara either but atleast she loves jace and is taking care of him, i respect her 4 that!!


what a dumb bitc..... to fo uon the show n show the world just how stupit people r is crazy. n that she dont realize shes gettin played for all the money that quiefer can get out of her. thank god her mom was there to take the baby so we wouldnt have to pay for it. in a nut shell jqnell is fukin stupid tie her tubes so she cant bring any imbreds n to this world


hi my name is betsy mcCartney and i live in huntingdon pa. i really like the teen mom 2. i watch it every tuesday night. i really tghink that u should grow up and be a mother. i have a five year old little girl. she is my everything and i would not give her up for the world. you need to realize what you are doing and get your life together for your son and quit drinking and smokeing and getting into trouble and be nice to your mother you only have a mother once.


first of all Janelle doesnt do anything different then any other teen. She was a child having a child and since the same thing happened to me as a teenager and i know your mind
is not mature and regardless of how old she is she is still a child and her mother should still be her mother.
the only person to blame for Janelles problems and atitude is her mother. I couldnt imagine how she was as a mother when Janelle was little.
She is at least going to school and working a job. who cares if she has a loser boyfriend, how many of you have had loser boyfriends? How can she be a good mother if her own mother doesnt let her bathe him or feed him or change his diapers? Her retarded mother sent her financial aide check back because she is a hateful women. No matter what happenes with my child they will always be my child and i will always support and love my child. even if my child has a child. she comes from a broken home and a crazy mother, what do you expect?


Jenelle has to be one of the saddest excuses for a mother I have ever seen. She always seems under the influence of something, disgusting. Kudos to her mother for stepping up in her grandson's life.

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