Jeff Walters: Dating Clay Aiken?

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Well snagged, Clay Aiken.

According to multiple reports, the former American Idol finalist is now dating Jeff Walters, an underwear model who looks like this:

Clay Picture

Aiken and Walters have been spotted around Texas, the latter's home state, often over the last couple weeks. Witnesses saw them enter Pinkberry, spend time in Borders and catching a screening of Black Swan.

Clay also watched Jeff in a local production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Dallas last week.


Debbie you are so misinformed about how God feels about gay people. He doesn't like the sin which is ONLY mentioned in the Old Testament, but loves the sinner. We are all sinners. No where in the New Testament is it mentioned that being gay is wrong. It is only in the Old. Jesus came to save us from our sins and doesn't pick and choose who will be saved and who will not. It's not up to Him that is God's job. Jesus' message was one of love. Love everyone as you want to be loved. There is so much in the New testament that tells us how to live and millions and millions of people follow His message even people who are gay. Did you ever stop to think that maybe God allowed people to be born this way to see if you could live up to God's and Jesus' message. If They are testing you, guess what? You fail! Love everyone and do not judge lest you be judged.
Rev. B. McLean


Oh Clay. sigh. He still has a great personality. it's unfortunate that coming out of the closet has lost him more than half of his female fan base. I remember the Clay-mania with Claymates and all. Women like to dream even if they can't have the man. Being gay sort of dashes all hopes and dreams. But, keep plugging along Clay. maybe the gay crowd will build your fan base up again.


Debbie, shut the hell up! Your a nasty little freak debbie


Whatever!!! Maybe they're just friends. Same sex people do become just friends sometimes you know.


We really don't know if J@C are actulaly dating...maybe they just enjoy each others company. I'm a married woman and have numerous guy friends and we enjoy each others company. This doesn't mean we are dating or even attracted to each other. People who have the same interrest like J@C could be nothing more than a friendship.Just because Clay was in Texas doesn't necesarily mean that he was in Texas just to be with Jeff.Until either one of them say they are in a relationship I will consider this just this point that's all it is.


Shut the fuck up Debbie!


thats ashame god is so against will never go to heaven being gay. being gay is nasty;.


AS a BBW myself I do think big is beautiful. I am very proud of my size. I also have met many plus size friends on a BBW dating club [seekingbbw dot com]. The blog was updated very often. Lots of guys joined my friend circle. We are very popular here because we know size is only a number.


I think Jeff is pretty lucky to be dating a guy like Clay Aiken.


That hot guy is dating Clay Aiken? Well, there's hope for all of us!

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