Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Disaster Details, Photos: Revealed (Again)!

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LMAO. At this point, that's about all we can muster when we see stories about Heidi Montag and her myriad plastic surgery debacles. What a joke.

Just to recap, the reality star underwent countless operations to become the human Barbie doll, all in the name of becoming/remaining a celebrity.

Spencer and Heidi: Photographers

When that didn't work out, The Hills got axed and she went broke, she began working the reverse angle ... milking this "disaster" for sympathy!

There's nothing new about this cover story. NOTHING.

Spare us next week, Life & Style. Every Heidi Montag plastic surgery story has already been done. Wow, she had botched implants? Who knew?! Shocker.

Seriously, revealing her scars? That's the best you've got? We'll jump at the chance to ridicule Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt, but give us SOME material.

Also, nice tease for Prince William, Kate Middleton and “Why They Split.” Last we checked, they got engaged quite recently and remain happily so.

Great work, editors. Virtual pat on the back.


theres no amount of plastic or surgery that could make heidi beautiful.....shes a washed up peice of trash. spencer.....your a massive fag and your wife is one of the biggest jokes ive ever had to endure to watch on television. The hills blew. Obviously better than your wife by the looks of it to cuz peoople still talk about the show......not her


Its funny because when she first got this done Spencer said she had top notch surgery not cheap implants like Audriana. So what happ Spencer? Guess you didnt get such a great surgon like you thought


Love your sarcasm Junior = )


I suggest you use the last of your money and buy yourself some self esteem not bigger boobs! It would also highly improve your life if you got rid of that douche bag that you call a husband of yours and go back to Colorado and be normal again! Hollywood really changed you and you don't even know it, so sad!! P.S. you don't want to look like Donna Versace do you?? Think about it...


heidi,implants,scars.....hmmmm ya sounds like plastic surgery but then again its heidi.....really really really stale.....boro a leaf from lc.....plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


you are stupid for liking a plastic girl lc is better

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Ah, Heidi Montag. The controversial, plastic, duck-lipped, attention-loving blonde is a co-star on MTV's hit reality series, The Hills,... More »
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I used to be so strong, I used to be able to do whatever I want, and then I feel like I've been broken down little by little.

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