Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Disaster Details, Photos: Revealed (Again)!

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LMAO. At this point, that's about all we can muster when we see stories about Heidi Montag and her myriad plastic surgery debacles. What a joke.

Just to recap, the reality star underwent countless operations to become the human Barbie doll, all in the name of becoming/remaining a celebrity.

Spencer and Heidi: Photographers

When that didn't work out, The Hills got axed and she went broke, she began working the reverse angle ... milking this "disaster" for sympathy!

There's nothing new about this cover story. NOTHING.

Spare us next week, Life & Style. Every Heidi Montag plastic surgery story has already been done. Wow, she had botched implants? Who knew?! Shocker.

Seriously, revealing her scars? That's the best you've got? We'll jump at the chance to ridicule Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt, but give us SOME material.

Also, nice tease for Prince William, Kate Middleton and “Why They Split.” Last we checked, they got engaged quite recently and remain happily so.

Great work, editors. Virtual pat on the back.


Cenk is a straight up band-wagoner. When Bush was uoalpunpr and Hillary was up next, Cenk was all over her dick. Then Obama got hot and Cenk was all over his dick. The moment Obama dropped in the polls, Cenk attacked him. I can respect Cenk's desire to get viewers and make some money, but believe that if Lieberman, Steel, or Pelosi get hot, Cenk will be all on their nuts. Weak sauce TYT. TYT isn't at all what I thought they were. Very disappointed.


She was much more beautiful before all the surgeries


I love heidi and it is these attitudes that made her want plastic surgery in the first place!


Heidi honey you look FINE! You're beautiful and it doesn't even matter what's on the outside anyway! Help OTHERS and enjoy you life :) life is too short to worry so much about image anyway


@ Junior
Lmao well said, i couldnt of said it better myself! :)


One word: Karma. This is what you get for being so sinful and selfish. Treating people the way you do. Payback is a b*tch, isnt it?


WTF are yall talking about? Lee press on nails? Obama?boro a leaf from lc? socialist?shero? LOL!!


Bitch please......you have problems? Take a number and get in line......suck it up sweetie..!


want in the hell Heidi montag
you wanted the fucking god dame plastic surgery but you were a beautiful women before you got this way and every body like 's you the way you are before you gotten this fucking surgery and who made you do this your fucking husband or you?
your fan and care about you asa preson and don't do this fucking surgery again please Heidi don't do this at all and have a marry Christmas and a happy new years


Just live with it you idiot. Go back to the jungle and take sleeze balls with you. You got real mouthy about this as soon as your Dr. got killed...not before!!! Go away!!!

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