Happy Holidays from Ke$ha!

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Ke$ha wants to wish all her fans a merry little Christmas. A merry, little, unusual, gross Christmas, that is.

Stationed in Moscow for the occasion, the singer recorded the following holiday message/song and Tweeted the following message: "Thanks for the best year ever. I love you!!!”

Nice enough, right? But watch the 24-year old croon a Christmas classic and beware of what takes place around the 30-second mark. Things get very strange, to say the least...


i don knw what to say or write ,i like u..tick tock rocks....>3


I like Ke$ha because she has her own style and music. She's different from all the other superstars that are out today. I like Tik Tok, Blah,blah,blah, We r who we r, take it off, and more songs that were recorded by her. I respect her just as much I respect Britney Spears. Other people that I know always hate on both of them. I have a lot of respect for both of them. People always say that she's white trash. That is the most racist thing that anyone has ever said. She is not white trash. You haters are jealous of her and yuo bitches just wish you had her life. You're mad because she's talented and creative and you guys would never be her so just LEVE HER ALONE.


Ron you're so weird. what a psycho.


haha lolz ya i saw that on youtube yesterday!! it is obviously fake a little humor wont hurt so just chill


I WOULD watch this video, THG, but I am really over having to sit through another 30 seconds of the annoying trailer of what looks to be the lamest of all lame films with Harrison Ford you guys have managed to stick up before every darn video. If it was a cool film? Sure. But this film looks like just more of the same worn out theme that has been done a million times before. Please get rid of it.


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