Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder!

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We can't lie: THG has a crush on Ian Somerhalder. And it isn't simply because this is one Sexy Beast.

It's also because the Louisiana native is taking an active role in helping to clean up the Gulf Coast and is stirring up Emmy talk these days with his performance on The Vampire Diaries. Really, he is!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he looks like this. In honor of the actor's 32nd birthday, we've posted the following photo montage and we're asking readers to send in their best wishes... if they can stop drooling for a few moments, that is.

Ian at the Mall
Studly Somerhalder
BP Hater
Smoldering Somerhalder
The Latest Fashion
Three CW Stars
As Damon

oh now i know his name!! he is sooo hot!! omg im crazy over him after watching vampire dairies!


Happy Birthday...thanks for all your hard work for the Gulf Coast! And you are amazingly sexy!


Happy Birthday to one hot (Physically and mentally.) man. I love my Sagittarian's! Hope you have a wonderful day. Smooches!


have a great b-day. hope you day is a fantastic one ur fan princess....


have a great birthday. hope you day is a fantastic one your fan princess....


He's gorgeous and a great actor what's not to love? Happy Birthday doll!


Have A Great B-day just remeber No Feeding U Wanna Hav a Drama Free Day lml But serious ur a great actor nd u deserve a woderful day for working so hard all tha time

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