Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder!

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We can't lie: THG has a crush on Ian Somerhalder. And it isn't simply because this is one Sexy Beast.

It's also because the Louisiana native is taking an active role in helping to clean up the Gulf Coast and is stirring up Emmy talk these days with his performance on The Vampire Diaries. Really, he is!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he looks like this. In honor of the actor's 32nd birthday, we've posted the following photo montage and we're asking readers to send in their best wishes... if they can stop drooling for a few moments, that is.

  • Ian at the Mall
  • Studly Somerhalder
  • BP Hater
  • Smoldering Somerhalder
  • The Latest Fashion
  • Three CW Stars
  • As Damon
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Have great a birthday Ian !


happy birthday ian somerhalder


I wish i can marry youu, im your #1 fan babe you and Robert Pattison are my faves


Im sorry that i didnt say happy bday before IN THIS PAGE because i putted all over my aim. I'm so happy his bday is on December 8 because that's the day of my bday too. I love youu Ian with all my heart you can't even imagen i dont miss any of the Vampire Diaries episodes just to see you and your beautiful face. TE AMOOOOOO IAN


Happy Birthday Ian (Damon) Love ya your my fave vampire so sexxy Enjoy your day...


Last sentence: Hope you *have a great birthday! Typo. Sorry bout that.


Ian... What can I say? You've turned 32. We, your fans, are all proud of you. You don't know how much we support and love you. I am a die hard fan of yours and ALWAYS will be. I haven't met you yet, but hope to meet you soon. I TRULY hope you have a GREAT birthday, and I hope and pray that all that you wish for and want, comes true. I don't adore you only because of your looks or acting skills (well i do, but not JUST because of that). Mostly through videos and most of your tweets on twitter, I have seen the person you are, and that has truly had an effect on me. You are an awsome person, with a GREAT personality. I and all your fans out there will always love and support you no matter WHAT. And if they stop supporting you, I'll keep on lovin yah no matter what the situation. LOVE YOU IAN. Once again, hope you he a FANTASTC birthday. ~Your #1 greatest fan, Rizo


God he is ugly and so old. Gimme a break sexy....NOT!


Happy birthday Ian, I admire you so much and all that you are doing. You are truly an inspiration to us all.


Happy b-day ian yourr the best actors I ever I seen I love you so much and your really hooooooT :/