Gloria Allred Condemns Khloe Kardashian for Rape Comment

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It's a rare day when THG sides with Gloria Allred.

But it's also a rare day when a celebrity compares being screened at the airport with being raped.

That's exactly what Khloe Kardashian did on Lopez Tonight, however, prompting the following response from the attention-loving lawyer:

Looking Miserable

“Rape is a crime of violence. I believe that the word should not be used loosely to describe security measures at airports or at any other place. 

"I think that many victims of sexual assault who have been the true victims of men who committed that violent crime against them and who have been forced to suffer the physical and emotional harm that results from that crime would be insulted that the term would be used in the way that Ms. Kardashian used it."

Do you agree with Allred's take? Did Khloe go too far in her comparison?


You have no proof Khloe is a "transvestite" You are stupid and ignorant and so is the jerk who pretended to be Lamar. Both of you should mind your own business.


Khloe, I hate being married to you, i wake up each morning thinking that I have a man next to me. I'll be cheating on you soon, if i haven't'll never know. I found a petite hot blonde that i know is a woman. You'll be wishing for a r$pe soon. Love, L#mar.


Well first off not only men rape people, women do too. Its uncommon but it happens, and who cares what Khloe says, its her opinion and were all entitled to our own. So instead of gossiping over celebs you dont REALLY know, get a life and shut it.


It's been a few weeks now, I knew it was time for a new cause for Gloria.


Seriously! I feel we shoud all come together and hire Allred to file a Class Action Suit against the Kardashians. She has the Opening Arguement prepared that perfectly describes the trauma we all suffer when we read something about them, see them and hear from them. All Gloria needs to do is change three words: 'sexual assault' to 'mental rape' and 'men' to 'any Kardashian'. Let's do this!!!


Every time that transvestite beast Khloe opens her mouth she shows just how stupid she is by inserting her size 15's by making the most ignorant of statements! ROTFLMAO@U PIG


Ms. GLO ALL RED. certainly sounds like she is going to burn.


C"mon Allred (just like your wardrobe). It's a Kardashian...not the Pope. To be expected. Now step away from the mic.

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