Model's Hair Catches on Fire at Diddy's Album Release Party: Watch Now!

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Talk about a HOT party. Diddy was just celebrating his new album, Last Train to Paris, in typical Diddy fashion - a BALLER hotel penthouse packed with models.

The whole thing streaming live, too ... until things went awry.

As the camera cut to comedian Kevin Hart in a bathroom, a model lounges in the tub behind him, surrounded by candles. You know where this is going.

Bringing back images of Kramer and his Cuban cigar on Seinfeld, her hair catches on fire. Live on UStream! Hey, at least there was water nearby ...


Are we really surprised at his reaction?? Just shows is character


Thats messed up they just laughed and didnt even try to help her. I hope these models are smart enough to realize if they go to puffys dont expect to get help if something happens. Hes a asshole. (but we all should have known tha 4rm his shows) i hope those models stay clear of puff


Well... at least Charlie Sheen knows how to treat a lady in a NYC hotel.


He does not care about the lady on fire, but only the camera-and he is laughing. What a jerk. I hope she sues his ass.


That was not funny at all they didn't even help her at the moment of her hair being on fire they fucking stupid...


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