Floyd Mayweather Goes Off on Security Guard: Caught on Tape!

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Floyd Mayweather really wants to get into his motherf-ckin house.

The boxer was stopped at the security gate of his Las Vegas home early on the morning of December 19. When asked for his ID, the athlete said he didn't have it - and then exploded at the guard who wouldn't immediately let him pass.

"Let me in my mother f**king house!!! You know who I am man... let me in my house!!!" Mayweather screams, also referencing the allegations made by another guard who claims the boxer smacked him:

"I had a problem here before when the security lied and said I touched him and I didn't!"

TMZ, who first posted the video above, says this tape has been turned over to police and it could be used in latest the battery case against Mayweather.


Fuck dis nigga he jus wants to kick som ass cause he dont wanna fight my nigga pacquiao


Wouldn't expect anything different from this classless moron. Whilst he craps his pants everytime the Pacman is mentioned, he still seems to want to pick a fight with everyone else. Still there's a saying that shit floats to the bottom - no doubt he will end up broke and in the gutter at some point in the future where he won't have any security guards to abuse.


all may weather had to do was show his id. that's something all people have to do. that sounds like a tantrum from a two year old.


A man's home may be his castle, but when you are paying big buck$
for security,why give a hassle to the very people who are there to protect your interest. Mayweather was driving his car, how difficult was it to show the security guard his license. Had Mayweather been a celebrity look-a-like,the guard could have lost his livelihood. I guess 1 major fight a year is enough to make a boxer go out looking for someone to fight with.


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