Elin Nordegren, New Boyfriend Getting Close?

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Elin Nordegren is supposedly dating someone for the first time since divorcing Tiger Woods earlier this year. Who is this new boyfriend in her life?


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    Tortuous path is a thing of beauty? Someone is dazed and confused.


    Tiger is a sex addict and he will never ever be happy with one woman. He doesnt want Elin he just doesn't want anyone else to want her.He is getting what he wanted because he created this mess now he has to figure his way out. I bet hes been cheating all along since this happened...wanna bet. just because hes a good golfer doesnt mean squat ion the real world.She will go on and remarry and Tiger will fade away into golfing obscurity because hes a loser at both now.


    I don't agree with what Tiger did,but look at the real picture. She wouldn't have that life style if not for TIGER. Sounds like a money-grabber to me. Forgive and move on especially for the children. You can't hurt whats been done. Where is God in the picture?


    Wow! Slow it down. That's why women end up very sad and confuse. Closure is a must or the next guy will miss treat you without a warning.She is not through with Tiger.Women if you get a divorce and begin to date in less than year,you are a freak or ediot. Your girl friends will tell you to find a friend thats bad news. Try getting your self mentally together first. Or you will find yourself not giving 100 percent to the next guy.Unfinish debri.Tiger will be hitting that sht again. Learn ladies Closure...Closure.. We old girl friends forever and guest what ladies do too. Time To Learn


    This is great news for tiger. He no longer has to care what she does. Its all on her now.


    I agree----U go girl!!!!!!!

    Of course true love, happiness and new family is out there for you! Go get it!!!! I'm happy for you.


    @Elizabeth...you have obviously been cheated on in the past, and you obviously hate men...probably because you have low self esteem and a poor self image. Or maybe you are just worthless in the sack and that's why your man cheated, i don't know. But don't take your romantic and sexual frustrations out on someone like Jeanne, who has a valid opinion and a conceivable theory. She raised a good question...how can Elin be out looking for a new love to have kids with, while at the same time effectively caring for the children she already has? My opinion on the matter isn't important, but it is a logical question. If you wish not to acknowledge this, that's fine. But all the adjectives and big words in the world won't change the fact that you are the one who should not be 'procreating'. Your 'inexplicable' depth of BITCHINESS is what is 'unfathomable'...


    for real, she was a nanny when Tiger met her she, got her meal ticket and ran, but life will not be simple for women like Elin, I do not like what tiger got himself into but, if she was taking care of the man he wouldn't be out acting a fool with wild and crazy women, everyone deserves to be in a happy loving relationship, but, I'm just saying, she ran so quick, must be the money... how was she appointed the holly one? Hillary stood by Bill, I'm just saying
    Enjoy a wonderful holiday


    Elin gots the Mommy relationship with Sam and Charlie down very well because she has been with them the entire time always, training and teaching them. Tiger has been missing in action, and Elin I can imagine is lonely, and has been lonely for a very long time. She has had a year to prepare the kids in ways that they understand about their Dad having his own home for them. Elin understands what she is hoping for and young kids adapt well to happiness.


    U GO GIRL!!!!!!

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