Elin Nordegren and Kids to Leave Country, Tiger Woods Feeling Blue For the Holidays

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Looks like Tiger Woods has more to be sad about than reports of Elin Nordegren's new boyfriend, a rumored South African hunk who "could be the one."

Sources say she was kissing this fella in a school parking lot.

Elin and Charlie Woods

The validity of that rumor is disputed, as his name hasn't even been unearthed yet. But Nordegren kissing Tiger goodbye for the holidays? Factual.

SPLITTING TIME: That's life for Tiger going forward.

Elin Nordegren is taking the couple's two kids, Sam and Charlie, off to Sweden over the Christmas holidays, leaving the golf great all alone in Florida.

The blonde beauty and the kids will first visit London to visit her sister Josefin, then head to Sweden to spend time with her family. Tiger? Not invited.

"Elin negotiated a deal with Tiger to let him have the kids over Thanksgiving, if she could have them for Christmas," a source close to the pair said.

"They argued over it, but in the end, Elin got her way."

The still-struggling golfer didn't realize that he'd played right into Elin's hands and that she'd be leaving the country altogether, said the source.

Guess that's the reality of divorcing their mom and splitting custody. Whether he has any regrets at all, it's a new reality Woods has to live with.

No more Tweeting about pie until next year, unfortunately.


What a first class hypocrite !!!He disgusts me beyond words. Now he cares about his kids. Did he care for them when he was playing with his harem of pornstars and ugly waitresses or prostitutes ...
I'm so happy Elin got rid off that LOSER and she will be by a country mile a much better parent that this idiot will never be even if he were to live 1000 years !!!


Tiger is probably rejoicing this very moment. Imagine, no kids for weeks on end. He can have his beloved hoes and prostitutes over to his home for dayssss. Doesn't have to hide em or chase em home at the first light of dawn. The ex is not around to see him gorge himself with the scum of the prostitue world-his fave.Wow, Tiger's gonna have a really fun Christmas. Very happy to give the kids away for the hols. Ain't no dumb ass, there. Just the horniest human on earth.


The dog was lucky to get the kids for Thanksgiving. Hope his porn star and prostitute girlsfriends weren't around them. Elin deserves some happiness now that the lecher is out of her life, at least partially out, that is. Poor Elin still has to see his homely face, at least until the children are grown.


he wasnt worried about his kids when he was screwing every fame whore with 2 legs, was he? TEAM ELIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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